Camacho Blackout Figurado

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Camacho Blackout Figurado

Late in 2013, Camacho announced a new limited edition cigar called the Camacho Blackout.  This new cigar went through an extensive fermentation process for its wrapper called “press fermentation”.  The process is where extra weight is added to the top of the pilones (large tobacco stacks) as the wrappers fermented.  This gave the wrapper its very dark color.  The wrapper is an upper priming leaf on the tobacco plants that is left on the plant a little longer to make it thicker and more oily.  All the tobaccos have quite a bit of age on them.  Here is the blend:

  • Wrapper:  Honduran from 2006
  • Binder:  Nicaraguan from 2009
  • Filler:  Nicaraguan, Honduran and Brazilian (various years)

The cigars are rolled and aged another two years before being boxed.  Needless to say, these cigars don’t need any time to be ready to smoke.  The cigar opened with a nice cocoa note and rich tobacco notes with an effortless draw.  As the cigar burned downed, a smooth pepper note emerged that got stronger on the retrohale.  This was accompanied by some leather, coffee, nuts and some sweetness.  As the sweetness intensified, the pepper faded somewhat.  As the cigar got near the end, the sweetness completely faded away and the pepper came back and finished with the leather, cocoa, nuttiness and earthiness.  It supposed to be a full bodied cigar, and I can see that, but the extra aging has really mellowed this cigar to wear its approachable by most smokers.  I really enjoyed the cigar.  It has a MSRP of about $12.00 and I think it worth every penny.  I’m really impressed by this new cigar from Camacho.  Its a limited release to check it out as soon as you can.   You won’t be disappointed.


7 thoughts on “Camacho Blackout Figurado

  1. Ben Great review. I don’t smoke a ton of Camacho product I never found one that I truly liked enough to smoke more of. Just had a disappointing experience with a Liberty 09 but this review may have me picking up a few to give them a second chance. Thanks again

  2. Great review! Quick question though, why do you toast the cigar for a few seconds and then start puffing on it to ignite it? Doesn’t that nullify the whole point of toasting? Again, great review!


  3. The process of applying the pressure to the pilons is intriguing, I need to try one. I almost bought one the other day, but all the shop had was 6 x 60, so I had to pass.

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