Walt’s Quick Six: Volume 1

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Walt’s Quick Six: Volume 1

Every year we, as cigar smokers, come up with a list of New Years Resolutions. Some vow to get their cigar budget under control while others make an effort to branch out and try new products. My goal was to make the most of my cigar time and produce more content for Stogie Review.

To do this, I decided to add a video element to our popular Week In Smoke. My goal was to record a quick 60 second clip recapping a given cigar. I would combine six of these recaps into one video and call it a Quick Six. The end result is 6 Cigar Reviews in 6 Minutes or Less.

The first offering runs a little over 7 Minutes (The first one has to explain the concept to our video subscribers, so you’ll have to cut me a little slack on the overage). I hope you enjoy the new offering, it has been fun. Drop us a line in the comments and tell us what you think.

La Aurora 107 is a cigar that I’ve enjoyed for some time now but, when it comes to size, I’m very particular about which ones I smoke. The corona is, by far, my favorite vitola in the lineup. In this case I smoked a Robusto and while it was a good smoke, it was no Corona.

For the money, the La Aurora 107 Robusto is a solid medium bodied smoke. The finish is a little on the dry side and the flavors are made up of woody and spicy tones.

The Judge by J. Fuego is a Famous Smoke Shop Exclusive. Up until I saw the cigar pop up on Cigar Monster, I had no idea that it existed. I was instantly drawn in by the J. Fuego name and had to see if it was as good as his other offerings.

Unfortunately, The Judge fell short of my expectations. While it is an okay smoke, there is nothing memorable about it. It is a mediocre cigar that is best served for those times when you want a cigar for the sake of having a cigar. The smoke is medium bodied and made up of woody and earthy flavors.

Cain F is the supercharged version of Cain Habano and Cain Maduro. You’ll find a full bodied smoke that is in your face from start to finish. There isn’t much in the way of flavor change but it has some nice spice, pepper, wood, and natural tobacco components. If you are going to smoke the Cain F, do yourself a favor and find a smaller vitola. The small ring gauge really makes the spice pop.

La Aurora 100 Anos is, hands down, my favorite La Aurora product. They are a little on the pricey side but in this case you get what you pay for. Construction on this cigar is excellent, it smokes and burns wonderfully. It has excellent balance and produces an interesting smokey, sweet, savory flavor that is soft on the palate. It is medium bodied with a creamy finish and well worth a try.

J. Fuegeo Origen Originals are crude little cigars that have taken the market by storm. At about $12 for a Soft Pack of 5 Cigars, they are great for when you are short on time. The downside to the rough construction is that they tend to need a lot of maintenance. As a result, I don’t like to smoke them unless I have a lighter handy. The flavor profile is primarily woody with a spicy component on the retrohale. The finish is a little sharp.

Nine by Blanco Cigar Co. is a hidden little treasure that not a lot of people know about. Coming in at about $6.50 these full bodied sticks are a great buy. Construction is solid and these cigars smoke and burn very well. They are full bodied and full flavored with deep, dark notes of earth, leather, and pepper with a chewy sort of texture.

La Aurora 1495 is what I think of as the Base Model of the Connoisseur Selection. It is the least eventful out of the available wrappers but still a solid smoke. The finish is a little on the dry side and the flavor profile has a sort of cashew thing going on with a nutty and salty taste. This isn’t my favorite of the La Aurora 1495 Offerings but I won’t hesitate to light one up.

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5 thoughts on “Walt’s Quick Six: Volume 1

  1. Nice! i like the new format.

    BTW, that looks like Ron Perlman in the background of the first pic! I didn’t know San Crow smoked La Auroras.

  2. Great concept, Walt! I agree that the Nine’s seem to be unfairly overlooked, and by coincidence, Cigar Craig just mentioned that it was the best cigar he smoked all year. Love the Cain F lancero, but haven’t tried any of the other vitolas. It’s funny, but I actually prefer the 1495 over the 107.

    Thanks for making that resolution. Good for us!

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