Get Freebies In Your Next Cigar Monster Order

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Get Freebies In Your Next Cigar Monster Order

Times are tough and everyone can appreciate finding new ways to save a couple of bucks, especially when it comes to hobbies. Our hobby can be a tricky one but there are several tried and true methods to save time and money while buying cigars.

It isn’t every day that I find new ways to save cash but I stumbled onto something cool today. You see, I’m a bit of a Cigar Monster fanatic. It never fails, every time I check on the Monster Mashup there is something that I’d like to add to my humidor.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the kind of spare cash that would allow me to purchase 5 packs as often as they catch my eye. Instead, I try to limit myself to a single purchase every couple of weeks. I like to do my buying when there are at least four deals that I want to take advantage of.

Making purchases this way keeps me from impulse buying and occasionally allows me to take advantage of the discount code that Famous ships in their orders. More often than not I’ve received coupon codes to save money on purchases of $200 or more. Since my total is never this high, I typically throw the coupons away.

I know that sometimes Famous sends out coupons to save a few bucks on orders of $75 or more. My most recent order came in at $84 and I thought one of those coupon codes would be great. I turned to Google to see if I could track one down on the old interwebs.

What I wound up finding was a rather substantial list of promotions from Famous Smoke Shop. Promotions started at $50 Minimum Purchase and climbed all the way up to $500 Minimum Purchase. I selected one that caught my eye and tried applying it to my Cigar Monster order.

To my surprise, the code worked and free cigars were added to my cart. I was so thrilled that I immediately removed the promotional code, bumped my total up to $101, and picked an even more appealing freebie to add to my order.

If you are looking to save a few bucks on cigars, do yourself a favor and give Cigar Monster a try. If you check it between 11am and Noon (or 11pm an Midnight) you’ll find a Monster Mashup of the days deals. Most items come with free shipping. Once you pick out a few, head over to the Famous Smoke Shop Promotion Page and snag yourself a freebie.

Get Freebies on Your Next Cigar Monster Order

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4 thoughts on “Get Freebies In Your Next Cigar Monster Order

  1. There are several codes for online forums that allow you to save 15-17% on orders over $50 on cigar monster. It would great to see if the fan forum could get their own code, helping out all of us frugal BOTLs.

  2. I realized you can check the famous mobile site under today’s sales. Most of those end up on the monster later on. Anything that is close to selling out will show the quantity left. I scored nica rustica the other week that way.

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