Inferno by Oliva

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Inferno by Oliva

Inferno by Oliva Cigar Review

Have you ever found yourself shopping for cigars online and suddenly skeptical? Your mouse hovers over the “add to cart” button and you just don’t know if your should click. The cigar looks pretty plain, the price is low, but it is made by a manufacturer with a solid reputation. Will this just be another sub-par house blend or is this something special? Do you take the gamble or do you instead spend your money on an old standby?

We’ve all be in that situation. We want our favorite manufacturer’s product at a fraction of the cost and sometimes house blends can be just the way to do it. Unfortunately, we’ve all also been burned by the house blend that doesn’t live up to the manufacturers reputation.

I’m happy to say that if you were on the fence about Inferno by Oliva (A Famous Smoke Shop Exclusive), there is no need to worry. What you’ll wind up with is a budget friendly cigar with solid construction and good flavor.

I recently picked up a 5 Pack of Inferno Robusto for roughly $15.00 on Cigar Monster. At about $3.00 per stick, you get a cigar that is smooth and easy on the palate. Cigars are medium bodied and can be smoked morning, noon, and night without fear of getting nicotine sick.

The flavor profile is pretty straightforward and in all the cigars I’ve smoked, I pick up flavors of Leather, Spice, and Pepper. The only variation in flavor I’ve experienced is when one of those three stands out over the others.

The next time you’re looking for a budget cigar to fill out your humidor, consider the Inferno by Oliva. If you’re a fan of Oliva product, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. They also make for nice filler when you need to bump up your order to qualify for Famous Smoke Shop Coupons.

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  1. Thank you for this post, Walt! I’m always looking for quality smokes that won’t break the bank. I will now be looking out for these smokes on Cigar Monster!

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