The Tobacco Company – Chat and Tour

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The Tobacco Company – Chat and Tour

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This week I took a trip up to Lemoyne Pennsylvania and had a chat with Mr. Greg Zimmerman from The Tobacco Company. They have two locations, one at 829 State Street, Lemoyne, Pennsylvania and the other at 239 West Chocolate Ave, Hershey, Pennsylvania (Chocolatetown USA!!!) with the Lemoyne store being their flagship. Some of you may know Greg from being an executive board member for IPCPR also, he is a busy man. It was very kind that he took some time out of a super busy day, since the FDA stuff broke at midnight, to have a little chat about the shops, Curivari and assorted other topics.

I put the pictures I took of the shop at the end of the video since it was not that long so I hope you enjoy.

I hope this starts me on my way to get to a couple other local shops in the PA and MD areas to get more of these shop reviews out there for you guys and gals.

I am just me.

2 thoughts on “The Tobacco Company – Chat and Tour

    1. Thanks for those kind words Ben! You know we love having you as a ‘neighbor’ and having you visit the shop. And thanks to Mike for coming out and doing the review; we really enjoyed having you!

      Old School’s Wife with a Programming Note: Greg’s wife, and Mike’s wife might want to fast forward to around the 6:25 mark. Ha ha. Busted. But we know you are just joking around guys!

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