Cigar Safari: Fabrica Nica Sueño Tour

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Cigar Safari: Fabrica Nica Sueño Tour

In this last Cigar Safari video, Skip Martin takes us on a tour of the Nica Sueño cigar factory, home of RoMaCraft Tobac. In addition to showing us through the efficiently designed circular factory, Skip discusses the RoMaCraft timeline, production levels, future plans, his unique philosophy on cigar manufacturing and the flow of tobacco through the factory. If you’ve been on a factory tour before, you may be surprised at how differently this small facility operates.

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4 thoughts on “Cigar Safari: Fabrica Nica Sueño Tour

  1. This is a great interview. Skips sweat turned me on. I’m not typically a chubby chaser but seeing him peel his shirt off his chest every 5 seconds gets me going. Congrats on the success! I love CroMagnon, can you please roll a few bundles on your sweat for me before you ship them to NYC?

  2. Very nicely done, Skip(!)…excellent tour/video.

    Am a big fan of Skip’s (and RomaCraft)–he’s doing it the ‘right’ way. Keep doin’ your thing, Skip…you’re making some excellent smokes.

    Jon Huber
    Crowned Heads

  3. Thanks for posting this video Brian. Honestly, I thought you were taking pictures, otherwise I would have worn my tube top and short shorts. It was pretty hot that day.

    Thanks for the kind words Jon. We do our best. Learning more every day. In 15-20 years we may have this figured out.


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