I want a cigar that will knock me over!

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I want a cigar that will knock me over!

Basic Hayden and La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero

Yesterday afternoon I was feeling bored. With plenty to do around the house and no desire to do any of it, I made the decision to get out for a little while. I hopped in my car and made the grueling 0.8 Mile ride to Sir Stogies to watch football with the guys.

As I kicked my feet up in the recliner, toasting my AJ Fernandez New World, one of the guys called out across the lounge. ‘Hey, have you ever smoked an Opus X?’ Of course I’ve smoked an Opus X – granted, I still think the Anejo is a better cigar but I digress…

We spent a minute or two talking about the power of the Opus X. While I do think it packs a punch, I think some of the Joya de Nicaragua offerings pack a bigger punch. I was taken by surprise when the reason for the question come up.

“I’ve been smoking these La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero back to back. I can remember a time when I got a buzz from cigars but these aren’t doing anything for me. I want a cigar that will knock me over and I thought the Opus X just might do it.”

I was at a loss for words and really didn’t know what to suggest. I mean, someone smoking back to back LFD Double Ligeros, with no effect, is probably going to need a narcotic to give them a buzz. The only cigars that came to mind, which I don’t like because they give me the shakes from nicotine, are the Cain Habano and Cain Maduro.

What cigar(s) would you have recommended?

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25 thoughts on “I want a cigar that will knock me over!

    1. That has been an odd cigar for me. Very inconsistent. I’ve had a couple that would blow your head off with power and others that were very tame.

  1. I do not know of any cigar stronger than the LFD Chisel. The Cain F would be my second recommendation. Possibly the LFD Digger? I’ve never tried it but I suspect it would be overpowering.

    1. It could just be me but I’ve always thought the Cain F was less powerful than the Habano and Maduro (they both give me the shakes and I can smoke the Cain F in the early afternoon without issue)

  2. For some reason the old Camacho Triple Maduro always hit me harder than the JdN Antano, Dark Corojo or any of the Cain cigars. Agree with czerbe, the Pinolero has got some power to it too.

  3. If a fresh OpusX doesn’t do it sometimes a UF13 or Dirty Rat pack a wallop. I have noticed that the La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor can sometimes be very strong and recently the Boli Belicosos Finos have been pretty powerful (imo). You can always grab a Anejo too.

  4. LFD Double Press is a bit more strength, The El Baton is an eye raiser. Of course the Camacho Triple Maduro , and the (Corona) size Room 101,can’t remember what variety though. If you want pure strength, try a Mexican San Andres puro. Te-amo. NOT THE REVOLUTION.

  5. The Wynwood fresh rolled cigars are POWERFULL. I gave one a years rest and it was still a beast. I agree with you about the Pinolero Walt. Had some that were STRONG and others that were rather tame.

  6. The FFP did it to me, as did the Cuba Rica Via Havana maduro. And Nica Rustica, once. I have revisited none. Got two FFPs sitting, and that’s where they’ll
    stay for another couple years.

  7. This can be kind of a tough question. Working on the retail side of things, people often mean a few different things.

    For me, strength means nicotine content. And with loads of nicotine, your blood sugar lowers and you start to feel the effects of this, i.e. that buzzed feeling, nausea, feeling “green.” for cigars that are going to give you a big pop of nicotine, I often recommend the following cigars:

    RoMa Craft CroMagnon Aquitaine
    Joya De Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo
    Cain F
    LFD Double Ligero
    Liga Privada T52

    Often times, though, the customer means something that has a lot of pepper throughout the cigar. For that I recommend the following:

    Tatuaje TAA
    Don Pepin Blue Label
    San Lotano Oval Maduro
    RoMa Craft CroMagnon
    Opus X
    Liga Privada No. 9
    LFD Oro
    various other “Spicy” cigars.

    I think most people ask for the second of the two. They want something with a lot of spice. Cigars I refer to as “Palate Killers.” The ones that I would normally end my day with because they essentially degrade the overall flavor profile of whatever you smoke next because of the spice level. It’s like when you eat something with lots of garlic in it, that garlic spice sits on you palate for the next eight meals you eat.

    Of course, it really depends on the person, so it helps more if you know what that person prefers in a cigar so you know which direction in which to steer them.

  8. Despite being a smaller cigar the Man O War Puro Authentico packs a punch. I like smoking these on the golf course or on my porch after dinner. Definitely have to make sure my stomach is full

  9. My favourite strong cigar is the Macanudo Maduro series. For flavour, strength and cost, they’re hard to beat. The small Ascot (almost a cigarillo) has a hit equal to many robustos.

    1. Teun,
      Its been so long since I’ve had an El Cobre I completely forgot about that cigar. It was an old favorite of mine and I should probably track down a few.

      1. Walt,

        A true “underground” cigar

        Still love to smoke them if I am in the mood for something full bodied with lots of flavor. Although the blend seems to have changed a bit over the years IMHO. I am curious what you think of the El Cobre now.

  10. I lit up a Guerrilla Warfare last night. I forgot how potent the small vitolas were and was caught completely off guard with the first puff.

  11. I don’t like overly powerful smokes. That said, the following are good in that they are balanced. In order of preference: tatuaje cojonu, roma craft aquitaine or cromagnon, aging room M356, diesel unholy cocktail. I ended up giving my remaining diesels to a friend that’s a N freak. I found the Cain lancero to be very full flavored and gritty (had one, aging the rest), but not overly strong as far as nicotine.

  12. One cigar that kicked my teeth in was the OFF airbender..also the 601 La bomba “napalm” was pretty strong for me also.
    I’ve heard the nunchuck is pretty damn strong aswell

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