Xikar VX Keychain V-cutter

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Xikar VX Keychain V-cutter

Xikar released the VX Keychain V-cutter last year to their current line of cutters.  I was pretty excited to see this as I’ve been a big fan for the large VX cutter as that cutter cuts like a laser.  I like the idea that they made a smaller one that you can add to your keys so you will always have cutter on hand.  I NEVER share my cutter or borrow anyone else’s for sanitary purposes so this was a great idea to me.  I always carry a pocket knife so I’m truly never without a cutter, but having one that is built for that purpose always on hand is great.

Its held up pretty well in my pocket banging around against my keys and such.  The weight of the keys on one end of the cutter actually help balance the cutter while cutting.  The blades are really sharp and make precision cuts.  If you like v-cutters, definitely check this one out.  It was a great addition to the line.


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