IPCPR 2015: Moneda de Cuba

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IPCPR 2015: Moneda de Cuba

It was early in the IPCPR 2015 and I was still getting my bearings. I walked down one of the aisles off the main corridor looking for a booth that was somewhere in the area when I ran into a friendly face. That face belonged to Chris Yarosz of Moneda de Cuba and he wanted to talk cigars. I was unfamiliar with this small boutique brand, and suspected many of our viewers are as well, so I flipped on the camera. In this video Chris discusses meaning of the company name, the Moneda de Cuba line and the new Supero.

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One thought on “IPCPR 2015: Moneda de Cuba

  1. I’d like to try the Brazilian wrapped offering….I really like to try out new/small companies..I hope they make it!

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