Shooting The Shit with Walt

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Shooting The Shit with Walt

Joya de Nicaragua - Quatro Cinco

Once upon a time I was a pretty big deal on Stogie Review. I would routinely sit down in my office, fire up my camcorder, and record detailed cigar reviews that went on for upwards of 30 minutes. It wasn’t everyone’s thing but I had a following and they enjoyed the format.

As time went on, life got busy. Suddenly I was a busy father and squeezing in the sort of time it took to record and produce those videos was impossible. Videos were condensed and I focused on what I called Short Ashes videos.

Stogie Review has been around for nearly a decade and I just haven’t been able to keep up like I used to. I smoke far fewer cigars these days and I’ve adopted the mindset that if I’m going to smoke a cigar, it better be a good one otherwise I’m wasting precious time.

I’ve been dabbling with cigar commentary articles and, while it has been fun, I miss recording videos. Lack of time and variety makes reviewing cigars very difficult so I thought why not just do something else? I’ll just turn on my recorder, smoke a cigar, and shoot the shit with the camera. How bad could it be?

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