San Lotano Oval Connecticut by AJ Fernandez

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San Lotano Oval Connecticut by AJ Fernandez

A few years back Cigars International Introduced the Man O’ War Line of cigars by AJ Fernandez. The Man O War Ruination was a smash hit and came highly recommended by Jerry Cruz. Ever since the Man O’ War, AJ Fernandez has become a household name among cigar smokers.

As AJ Fernandez become more successful, he launched the San Lotano lineup. I fell in love with the Oval and purchased it as often as my budget allowed. As much as I enjoyed the Oval, I was absolutely floored the first time I smoked a San Lotano Oval Maduro. Simply put, it was a powerhouse smoke with amazing flavor and balance.

With my cigar budget being what it is these days, I don’t get out to Cigars International much and, in turn, don’t smoke much AJ Fernandez product. That changed recently with a surprise package from Spencer Drake. In that package were a variety of AJ Fernandez cigars, among them was the San Lotano Oval Connecticut.

Before lighting up the Oval Connecticut, I was concerned. We’ve all had line extensions that were a terrible follow-up to the original (Nub San Andreas Maduro and Cubao Maduro stand out in my mind). I didn’t want my feelings on the San Lotano lineup to be tainted by having a Connecticut wrapper thrown onto a fabulous cigar.

I’m happy to report that this cigar is amazing. In fact, it might just be my absolute favorite Connecticut. It has the big bold flavors we’ve come to love in the Oval line but is draped by a soft and butter flavor that just puts it over the top.

Don’t let the Connecticut wrapper fool you, this is not a mild cigar. It falls into the medium to full range and provides a long creamy finish. Construction was excellent, I didn’t run into a single issue with either of my samples.

The only thing left for me to do at this point is beg, borrow, and steal to fill out my humidor with San Lotano Oval Connecticuts.

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4 thoughts on “San Lotano Oval Connecticut by AJ Fernandez

  1. so totally off topic of your review i have a quick question. so i have been wanting to buy a box of padron 45 maduros but i love the liga provida no.9 i am torn in my decision today. Please help what would you go with for the price!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Chris,
      While I love the Padron, I think I might go with the No. 9 in this case (actually, I prefer the T52 over the No. 9). Any way you go, you can’t go wrong.

  2. Walt – I haven’t had a chance to try the Oval Maduro, and wasn’t even aware that there was a Connecticut version of it out. I do really like the original Oval, however, so this would be a no-brainer to try. Since nearly all of the Connecticuts I’ve smoked are of the early morning variety, having one that could be smoked in the evening with no reservations would be great. Big, bold, and buttery sounds like a great way to start off a morning or cap off an evening.

    Thanks for a great review!

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