What are you drinking with a cigar these days?

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What are you drinking with a cigar these days?

New World and Macallan

Last Friday I spent a few hours at my local archery club, doing prep-work for the upcoming 3D Season. It was an absolutely beautiful day to be outside and after about four hours working in the woods, I made my way home. I walked in the front door, grabbed an AJ Fernandez New World from my travel humidor, and picked up my bottle of Macallan 12 Year before heading out to the back porch to join my wife.

The Scotch was a Christmas gift from my wife. I don’t know why I hadn’t opened it yet, it is my favorite scotch after all. As I poured the glass my wife remarked that the Macallan smelled rather potent. It had been a while since I had any but it smelled wonderful to me.

I raised the glass to my lips and took the very first sip. It was not at all like I remembered. It had a bit more bite than I was expecting and the aroma was overwhelming. I tried adding a few drops of water. When that didn’t work I dropped an ice cube into the glass.

Had my taste changed or did I get a bad bottle? Maybe it was just an off day for me? Whatever the reason, I had to choke down the remainder of the glass before switching up to a little Woodford Reserve while I finished off my cigar.

This little experience of mine begs the question, how have your tastes changed? Do you still enjoy the same spirits with cigars or do you find yourself turning to different varieties? What are you drinking these days and what is your favorite adult beverage to pair with a cigar?

The photo that you see above was posted on Cigar Noise. Apparently it was liked enough to be stolen and stuck on Instagram. It seems to be gone now but I found the screen capture amusing. #CigarBallinYo

Cigar Baller Image Theft

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19 thoughts on “What are you drinking with a cigar these days?

    1. Jim,
      I haven’t had much in the way of Irish Whiskey. I like Jameson and it has been years since I’ve had Tellanmore Dew (can’t remember if I even like it).

      I might have to take a walk around the liquor store and see what they have.

  1. I found. buffalo trace pairs well with any cigar
    and of course i’m Iowa so Templeton rye is always a good choice

  2. Walt I pair a Maduro or darker wrapped cigar with bourbon or a dark beer, and a Habano or lighter wrapped cigar with scotch or ale. Is it possible that it was just a bad pairing of the Macallan with a Maduro?

    1. Aaron,
      It is possible it was just a bad pairing (It was my first time having the two together). The bottle isn’t going anywhere, I’ll have to try it with something else and see how it does.

  3. I find that my tastes in cigars has changed more than my tastes in drink pairings. Just in the last six months I’ve noticed significant changes to the detriment of my wallet lol

    1. Precisely the reason I smoke so many New Worlds. Good cigar at a great price – it really helps with the pain in the wallet… lol

  4. Walt, I rarely pair scotch with cigars because the peat often competes with, rather than compliments, the cigar I’m smoking. Rum, bourbon, cognac and other spirits with sweet rather than smoky characteristics seem to fall into natural pairings more easily. Just my tastes though, your mileage will vary.

    1. Matt,
      I tend to stay away from the peaty Scotch and gravitate towards Highlands. You’re right, the smokey, peaty, scotches can overwhelm the cigar.

  5. Always enjoy your posts, Walt.
    I enjoy Amber beers, Boddingtons, and Scottish ale with my non-maduros. Maduros usually means port or hard root beer. And I always enjoy soda with my cigars.
    PS – Did you finish the Prince of Thorns series? I really enjoyed all three. I need to pick up the Hoe Abercrombie you recommended. I started it once and then ended having to return it to the library.

    1. Sam,
      I can’t remember how far I got with the series. I know I started on the second book but I can’t remember if I finished it or not. I went back and re-read Kingkiller Chronicles recently and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think I may go back and re-read the Stormlight Archives as well (Book 3 should be coming out late this year / early next year)

  6. I’m a bit of a rye nut. It’s a little too dry and spicy for some smokes I think. You get a double blast of spice I find. But I do love the Whistle Pig ?



    1. I haven’t had a lot of rye but a couple of weeks ago one of the guys brought in some Crown Royal Rye (I think thats what it was – anyway, I was very impressed)

  7. Walt, as of right now I’ve been pairing all my smokes with John L Sullivan Irish Bourbon but I usually pair them with a ruby port right now being Warre’s 2003 reserve.

  8. Zacapa 23 is my favorite to pair with any cigar I happen to be smoking. It’s rum that drinks like whiskey. The oaky sweetness in the rum brings out fantastic flavors in the cigars.

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