IPCPR 2016: Viaje

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IPCPR 2016: Viaje

It’s always a good time talking to Andre Farkas at IPCPR. This year in the Viaje booth we discussed a variety of topics, and some of them even had something to cigars. Seriously though, the Viaje booth was the same as last year, because as Farkas tells us, changing it every year gets expensive. And it was different where it counts, in the product display cases.

In the display cases Farkas shows us the Birthday Blend, a concept he says he hijacked from the bourbon industry, citing a particular favorite of mine, Old Forester Birthday Bourbon. Each year the box will contain one additional cigar, keeping the count in sync with Farkas’ age. After that we take a look at the zombie Farmer Bill Hatchet which will come in boxes containing six five-count packs, and he tells us there will be no Stuffed Turkey this year. Then we take a look a Juntos, what is to be annual collaboration cigar, this year with the Quesada, that comes packaged in an interesting set of nesting cylindrical tins.

We can’t help but go off script and talk about bourbon, the FDA, Las Vegas weather and the trade show in general.

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