IPCPR 2016: Nat Sherman

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IPCPR 2016: Nat Sherman

If there’s anyone at the trade show that makes me consider cleaning up my act and dressing a little nicer (also throwing away my sock drawer), it’s the perpetually dapper Michael Herklots of Nat Sherman. The guy always looks like a million bucks. But this isn’t a fashion blog and I’m not Joan Rivers, so let’s focus on the product in the Nat Sherman booth this year.

Mr. Herklots covers a lot ground in this video. He got us started by introducing the new Metropolitan Habano line which is a Nicaraguan puro that will be available in five sizes. (The chances are good that your local shop already has them if they carry Nat Sherman.) Then we covered the new vitolas in the existing Metropolitan and Timeless lines, as well as the minor changes to the packaging. Herklots also shows us the Nat Sherman Executive Ashtrays and the milk glass-lined Heritage Humidors that were a collaboration with Daniel Marshall. Along the way He speaks about the challenges of maintaining the consistence in existing blends year after year, decade after decade, as well as discussing the philosophy behind using non-porous substances like Lucite and milk glass to line humidors instead of cedar.

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