IPCPR 2016: RoMa Craft

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IPCPR 2016: RoMa Craft

Every year there are complaints about the foot traffic being light at IPCPR, and I’ll be honest with you, I’m generally too busy trying to grab a few minutes to do interviews to notice. (My general sense is there was about the same amount of people at this trade show as there was last year.) One place the traffic was never light was the RoMa Craft booth. It was always busy. But with a little persistence, we were able to corner Michael Rosales and get this year’s RoMa Craft scoop.

He told us about the new limited edition Xikar case that includes ten CroMagnon Timeline cigars, a torch lighter, bottle opener, cigar scissors (good call) and an Ash Can, all of them featuring RoMa Craft branding. The set celebrates the fifth anniversary of CroMagnon and is called the Monolith. They also released the Neanderthal SGP, which was formerly a shop exclusive. Other exclusives and projects out of Nica Sueño were also discussed. Mike did an impressive job of covering a lot of ground quickly, this blurb doesn’t do it justice, you gotta watch.

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