IPCPR 2016: Island Lifestyle Importers

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IPCPR 2016: Island Lifestyle Importers

When I saw Tommy Bahama and Island Lifestyle banners at IPCPR I was doubly surprised- the first time just to see them at the trade show, then immediately followed up with surprise that they had never attended before. Cigar accessories do make up a good percentage of what you’ll see in one of their stores. Of course the reason for that is the only place you could buy said accessories and apparel is in a Tommy Bahama store. That is until now.

To be completely accurate, the Tommy Bahama company wasn’t actually in attendance, Island Lifestyle Importers, the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of their cigar accessories was there representing their products. Additionally, Island Lifestyle was also launching their own eponymous brand of cigars- a Connecticut, a Sungrown and a Maduro.

In this video we speak to Ryan Frailing, VP and Partner in Island Lifestyle Importers. He leads us through the current product designs, drawing our attention to their indoor-outdoor ashtrays that look like ceramic, but are actually made of a durable composite material that won’t shatter when dropped. He also shows us the Tommy Bahama-themed cutters, lighters, cases, humidors and cigar jars, as well as discussing their 3D metal printing abilities.

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