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At the CAO display we saw something that seemed a little familiar, but with a name we didn’t recognize. I’m talking about the CAO Consigliere of course, not Rick Rodriguez. He wasn’t wearing a name tag when we talked to him, but I’m pretty sure his name hasn’t changed.

Rick is a little bit coy about the Consigliere, but the truth is it’s a new name for an old cigar that CAO is bringing out of retirement: Sopranos. There’s no red footband, and the box is a little different, but there’s no mistaking the main band. And he assures us there will be no mistaking the blend once we light it up. The benefit of the new name is it comes with a decreased price, as CAO doesn’t have to pay HBO to use the name. Instead of the $11 to $15 range, you’ll find the Consigliere between $7 and $9.

If you were a fan of the old Sopranos line, you probably remember them changing from good to disappointing. I sure do. In slightly hushed tones Rick confirms what a lot of us assumed, the blend did change. But not for nefarious reasons. For the full story, you’ll have to watch. The most important part of the story is that the Consigliere uses the original Brazilian wrapper. Look for it at the beginning of October.

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