IPCPR 2016: Daniel Marshall

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IPCPR 2016: Daniel Marshall

We met up again with Daniel Marshall at IPCPR 2016, and he was only too happy to give us the tour of his cigars and high end humidors. He’s in a good position in the context of the new FDA regulations, as all of his Heritage Brand cigar lines have been in production since well before the February 2007 cutoff date.

He gets us started by showing us the his 20th Anniversary Treasure Chest humidor which are limited to 200 every year. The limited numbers are at least in part due to the difficulty both of procuring burl wood in the right size and achieving the arc for the humidor lid.

After that we take a look at humidor made from the staves of a 50 year old Balvenie whisky barrel. Over time the metal bands from the barrel have actually fused with the wood. Only four of them were produced.

Daniel Marshall introduces us to a special Whisky Tasting Cigar, which features three different blends within one cigar. The idea behind the cigar was to pair it with a flight (12, 18 and 21) of Glenfiddich scotch at one of the many tasting events happening around the world. The cigars are housed in a unique “mystery piece” humidor that’s actually a jar inside of a small whisky barrel.

Next we take a look at Daniel Marshall’s “everyday cigar”, or so it was termed by a successful hip hop artist. You know the one- it’s completely covered in shiny gold leaf. For me it’s a “one day cigar” as in “one day I will smoke one.” What I didn’t know was the origin story of the cigar and Mr. Marshall fills us in on that. We also take another look at his Red, White and Black Label cigars.

As we were getting ready to make our way to the next appointment, Daniel Marshall told us about a one-of-a-kind humidor he created and donated to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation’s annual charitable auction. It sold for a record amount, so we had to find out more. You’ll have to watch to the end for the details.

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