IPCPR 2017: S.T. Dupont

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IPCPR 2017: S.T. Dupont

We couldn’t get the cameras rolling fast enough when we stepped into the S.T. Dupont section of the Davidoff booth at IPCPR 2017. I can’t think of anyone more excited to show us their new product than Alain Crevet, President of S.T. Dupont. Immediately we he was showing us the new Wild West-themed accessories for the summer, like the Palladium Finish Lacquer lighter with a bullet hole and a chain, and the Palladium and Heather Wood Finish Lighter that you ignite with what looks like the hammer from an old school revolver. With lighters like those, it just stands to reason you’d need a punch cutter shaped like a bullet. If you’re thinking “nice, but not opulent enough” Alain has just the product for you. It’s an incredible looking piece that resembles a golden revolver with a pearl handle, but the barrel is actually a richly decorated pen. It escapes me at the moment, but some reference to the pen being mightier than the sword would be appropriate here. Also a heck of a way to execute a contract.

We also take a quick look at a continuation of the Pirates of the Caribbean-themed line of products that debuted as the spring collection. A few of the items on display for that collection were a skull and crossed blades lighter, a treasure chest ashtray, a golden pen and cutlass letter opener, and instead of a gun, we find cannon whose barrel is also a luxurious pen.

Alain is a guitar player, and their Fender line of products hold a special place in his heart, especially the Sunburst lighter. Of course when I heard he plays in a band, I had to know the name of it. They’re called “The Managers” because all the band members are all managers of various companies and they play a lot of charitable concerts. (The band has a Facebook page, with a few videos of Alain playing if you’d like to check that out.)

We also talk about where the ideas come from for the designs of new collections. And because I can’t help myself, I suggest S.T. Dupont consider coming out with an Indiana Jones theme in an upcoming collection. If they actually did make one, it could be dangerous to my bank account. (Seriously, wouldn’t that be great?)

Before we conclude we also take a look at the richly lacquered humidor/trunk/travel case on wheels created to celebrate S.T. Dupont’s 145th anniversary. The price? A thousand dollars for each year in business, so $145,000. And on a smaller scale, the larger double soft flame-to-torch Le Grand Dupont lighter that their engineers worked on for a year and a half. (One of the golden ones will be included in the commemorative humidor.)

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