IPCPR 2017: Twin Engine Coffee

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IPCPR 2017: Twin Engine Coffee

We dropped by the Twin Engine Coffee booth at IPCPR 2017 just in time to prevent an almost certain coma. As we raised our caffeine levels Colin Ganley told us about developments in the Nicaraguan coffee world. But also in some news about coffee from Cuba. One of those developments is a K-Cup assembly line in their facility in Nicaragua.

Another really interesting thing for the coffee geeks is they’ve started sun drying the coffee fruit and have packaged them in a new product called Coffee Berry Tea. (On a side note, I’ve had a beer made with these coffee berries and it was incredible.) You can make it hot, or cold brew it for a tea that tastes like raisins and has about half the caffeine of coffee.

A year ago it became legal to bring Cuban grown coffee into the united states. It’s a difficult process, but Twin Engine has jumped all the hurdles and have brought it to the market. Colin tells us the Cuban beans are similar in flavor to the popular Jamaican Blue Mountain beans.

Colin also has a Cuban travel side business he was promoting at the trade show. His company Experience Cuban Culture (ECC) is an authorized group trip provider that organizes visit itineraries that are compliant with the current travel regulations.

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