IPCPR 2017: Nomad

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IPCPR 2017: Nomad

It’s always fun stopping by to talk to Fred Rewey, owner of Nomad cigars and several entertaining social media accounts. If you can believe it, Fred’s been at it, doing cigars his way for five years now. To celebrate that significant accomplishment, he’s releasing five-year old Anniversary edition of the Classic Dominican Line in the Navigator (6 x 52) and Vagabond (4 5/8 x 54) sizes.

Fred tells us that Fin De Los Mundos (“End of the worlds”) is coming in October, and it’s the strongest cigar he’s ever released and will feature a Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper. It’ll be available in four sizes and has a three-country blend (Pennyslvania, Nicaraguan and Dominican).

As we cover a variety of topics, Fred mentions how well received the candela GB-19 was and how candela seems to be taking off lately. It’s a tough tobacco to blend a cigar around. And the greener the tobacco is, the grassier it gets. He recommends trying the GB-19 if you haven’t, because it won’t be what you expect.

Dipping his toe in the hot tub of controversy, Fred says that to him the aroma of well-made, well-aged Dominican cigars are on a whole other level from that of Nicaraguan produced ones. And that leads us to a discussion of the importance of retrohaling cigars, specifically of Dominican origin.

Fred says there will probably be a small price increase across the board on Nomad products in August of this year, which will be a first for them.

At the end we get Fred’s thoughts on the FDA situation. He’s optimistic, but he thinks there’s a big battle ahead.

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4 thoughts on “IPCPR 2017: Nomad

  1. I ran into Fred at Ed’s shop in St. Pete, having never smoked his stuff. He gave us a C-276 and SA-17. I thought, “Great, another white guy with a cigar brand. This should suck.” Needless to say, the smokes were very good. Ed started carrying Nomads quickly.

    We shot the sh!t a bit about his blends. “Damn it, he knows what he’s talking about too.”

    I smoke em all the time now. Tried to hate em. That didn’t work out. Damn you Froed.

    1. The important thing is that you tried to hate them. Also, have you considered changing your name to a symbol with no pronunciation that can’t be found on a qwerty keyboard? Also, also, would you like a sweet vinyl Stogie Review sticker that’s equally suited to affixing to a car’s bumper as it is to a forehead?

      1. Excellent idea! I’m using that Prince symbol now. I’m trying to subtly get out of a contract without ODing though. Too soon?

        Email on the way!

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