IPCPR 2017: Cornelius & Anthony

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IPCPR 2017: Cornelius & Anthony

Picking back up with our IPCPR 2017 coverage after a short intermission last week, we talk to Steven Bailey of Cornelius & Anthony. Since this is our first time talking to him, he gets us started with a little company background. His family has been growing tobacco in southern Virginia since Cornelius Bailey planted his first crop the 1860’s. Last year they introduced a flagship line of cigars bearing his first name, which are made at El Titan de Bronze. Also released that year was the Daddy Mac, named for Stevens father, Meridian, and Venganza which are produced at the Espinosa La Zona factory.

The new products for this year include Arial, which Steven says is “not your father’s Connecticut”. Though it is medium body he says it’s full flavor. And arguably the cutest cigar line at the trade show, Señor Esugars. The packaging features Steven’s Dachshund Oscar wearing a bowler hat. The cigar itself is wrapped in a Mexican San Andres leaf with a US-grown binder and Nicaraguan filler. You can expect to find Arial and Señor Esugars in the $8 to $12 range, depending on size, plus applicable taxes.

With the old and new product covered, Steven explains the idea, strategy and meanings behind their distinctive packaging and artwork.

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