IPCPR 2017: Island Lifestyle Importers (And Giveaway)

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IPCPR 2017: Island Lifestyle Importers (And Giveaway)

We dropped by the Island Lifestyle Importers booth again this year at IPCPR to talk to Ryan Frailing about cigars and the latest Tommy Bahama-themed accessories. He tells us that last year was really a soft launch of their product lines to brick and mortar retail shops around the country. This year it’s game on.

Ryan first tells us about their three cigar blends, Maduro, Sun Grown and Connecticut, each was initially released in a single 6 x 54 toro size, but this year the lines have been extended to four vitolas (Robusto, Toro, Churchill and Gordo). Also, they’re transitioning away from jars to cigar boxes. A small number of jars are still available, and may possibly be released again in the future if the customers want it. With the exception of the Connecticut blend, the cigars are all Nicaraguan tobacco. (The Connecticut has a US-grown Connecticut wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and filler.) They retail from $9.95 to $10.95 a stick plus applicable taxes.

Ryan next shows us the new, brightly-colored Regatta Collection, which includes cutters, lighters and leather cigar cases. Choices of colors include vivid yellow, blue, red and orange. Though not the original intent, customers have already started mixing and matching parts of the two-finger telescoping cigar cases to match their favorite team’s colors. Ryan hints team colors may possibly something they do in the future.

The Cigar Club Collection officially launched at the trade show as well. The flashy black, gold and silver accessories feature raised logos, engraved leaf patterns and a great deal of overall shininess. The cutter from the collection was a hot seller, designed to give you four points of control while cutting large ring gauge cigars. Another interesting member of the collection is the folding ashtray.

Finally, it was on the Golf Collection. This collection includes a rubberized travel humidor, and cutter and lighters with a textured golf ball dimple pattern.

Did I say finally? One more thing- The World’s Most Interesting Parrot ashtray. That parrot is my spirit animal.

Giveaway Details

And one last finally, Island Lifestyle Importers has generously donated a great deal of cigar accessories you just saw in the video for a Enjoying Summer with Tommy Bahama Giveaway. (Or, The Hold On, Summer’s Not Over Yet Giveaway.) To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment by 9/6/2017 and tell us your favorite way to enjoy summer. Three winners will be chosen: one will receive the Golf Collection prize pack, one will receive the Cigar Club Collection prize pack and one will receive the Regatta Collection prize pack. Good luck!

Tommy Bahama Cigar Club Prize Set
Exhibit A: Tommy Bahama Cigar Club Prize Set

Congratulations to our winners: Timothy Black, Gary, and Chris Martinez

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26 thoughts on “IPCPR 2017: Island Lifestyle Importers (And Giveaway)

  1. The new stuff from Island Lifestyle Importers and Tommy Bahama are looking good! My favorite way to enjoy summer is barbecuing great food and herfing with great cigars.

  2. My favorite way to enjoy the summer? Smoking cigars with Tommy Bahama’s ne’er-do-well younger brother Jimmy Bimini.

  3. Light a Churchhill and mow the lawn. After the job is done, sit on the deck and finish the cigar with a cold beer while admiring my work.

  4. My favorite way to enjoy Summer is to shave my entire body, get all good and oiled up, slip into my finest Speedo, and head to the YMCA pool with a good cigar and a cold beer.

  5. This is awesome!! I loved like all their products.

    I like to spend my summers sweatin over the BBQ Grill, Replenishing fluids with a refreshing Oklahoma CO OP Beer and Smoking New to me Cigar Blends. While watching my baby girl grow like a weed!

    Now that I look back. I should’ve spent the summer smoking cigars and thinking how nice it would’ve been to use the Island Lifestyle Importers gear to enjoy my cigars lol.

  6. Fill the travel humidor with five cigars, pack the camper with food, beverages, dogs, and few DVDs just incase, and head for the mountains of Wyoming. There is plenty of BLM land so the camping is free. At night we start a small campfire and sit around listening to the coyotes, and the cows who graze almost all of the BLM land, under a blanket of stars while enjoying an adult beverage and a good cigar.

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