Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust Todos Las Dias Half Churchill

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Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust Todos Las Dias Half Churchill

Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust introduced the Todos Las Dias as their third line extension following the huge successes of the Sobremesa and Mi Querida.  The Todos Las Dias was blended by Steve Saka to honor the Nicaragua puro cigars of old.  Steve posted on his Facebook page about what this cigar is all about:

One of the things I like to do is make unique ligas, something different than the other cigars in the market. In the case of TLD I wanted to make a strong cigar, but not like the dozens of “biting black pepper” bombs already in the market. I am not detracting from these, in fact a few are my favorites, but why should I reinvent the wheel?

So rather than slap you in the first inch, TLD builds slowly in power over the course of the smoke… instead of black pepper bite, it has a sweet red pepper that warms the palate and builds… the spice sensation is smooth and long, it really lingers like a good curry or mole.

About an inch in, give it a quick retrohale and your nose will tell you how strong it is while your palate is not registering the oomph. It will lull you in and by the time you get to the ring, it is quite a n-bomb and it strength can be a bit much for me.

So imo it is a very strong cigar, other are going to say it is medium, and so on… this is going to be one of the most discussed aspects of this cigar because its liga is so different from most Nica Puros.

I have to totally agree with Steve here.  The cigar slowly built up in power from the beginning to end and I could feel the nicotine building.  I got notes of dark chocolate, leather, cedar, a black pepper note that turned more into a red pepper flake with hints of clove and coffee near the end.  I enjoyed this cigar even though its not really style of cigar.  The flavors were on point, but the body was more than I like to smoke now.  The cigar is best smoked drier than most at around 62-65% RH as suggested by Steve.  I have to agree as the first one I smoked was around 69-70% and it was more earthy and slightly muddy.  At the lower RH, it smoked a LOT better with richer, better flavors.


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