A Rare Saturday Morning Cigar

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A Rare Saturday Morning Cigar

Every Monday, I sit down at my desk and my co-worker asks “How was your weekend?” For the most part, my answer is “Good” but there really isn’t much to say beyond that. You see, six months ago my wife and I made a decision that would change our weekend dynamic significantly.

I was offered a position at a new company. My ability to work from home a few days each week would go away, however, there would be room for advancement and an entirely new set of challenges would come my way. Excited – we didn’t want to pass up this opportunity.

In order to make it work, my wife would have to shift her work schedule to weekends only. Neither of us were looking forward to this part of the change but it was a sacrifice we would have to make for about six months.

Over the past six months, one of the things that I miss most is being able to sit down on a Saturday or Sunday morning with a cigar, a cup of coffee, and my laptop. This was my time to enjoy the quiet and write – be it a post here on Stogie Review or something on My Personal Blog.

During the warmer months, I tried slipping out onto the deck with a baby monitor in tow. Something about that little device changes everything. You don’t pick the cigar you want, instead, you find something good enough but not so good that you would feel bad tossing it early if the baby wakes up.

After a while, rushing through a morning cigar, chanting “Please don’t cry” in your mind at the slightest sound on the monitor becomes tiresome and you give up on it altogether. Don’t get me wrong, playing with my kids when they wake up on the weekends is amazing and I wouldn’t give it up for the world.

Elite Victory 39

This weekend, there was a little hiccup in our normal routine and I found myself free on a Saturday morning. Wanting to make the most of the day, I packed up my bow and headed over to the Archery Club bright and early.

I spent about an hour tweaking my bow so that I could use it for our upcoming Indoor Spot League (Fat Aluminum Arrows). I swapped out my draw mods for longer ones, put on a shorter d-loop, and dialed in my arrow rest and sight. Once I was satisfied with the way it was shooting – I put up a fresh target and shot a 300 Vegas Round.

300 Vegas Round

There is something quite therapeutic about target archery and the satisfying thunk that the arrow makes when it hits its mark.

When I was finished at the Archery Club, I hopped into my car and took a ride over to The Gilbertsville Cigar Factory. With the shop not opened yet, the Private Lounge was empty. I sat down at the table, set up my laptop, and lit up my very first Patina Habano.

Patina Habano

Patina is a new addition to the shop and has been getting quite a bit of praise from the regulars. That praise is well deserved, however, I kind of wish I would have had the Connecticut to smoke this early in the day.

My wife and I are expecting another big change in our lives in just a few short weeks. Life will get even crazier and quiet Saturdays with a cigar will probably become even rareer, however, I’m filled with nervouse excitement about having another little one around the house to play with.

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