IPCPR 2018: Room 101

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IPCPR 2018: Room 101

After a quick stop to enjoy some refreshing chicken in the Room 101 booth, we talked to Matt Booth about arcade games for enjoyment purposes, cigar time travel, and products for people to observe, consume, and purchase (in any order). Those products included The T., Farce, the Connecticut extension of Farce, the full-bodied Hit and Run Part 2, and some bundled cigars that are not being actively promoted. But the packaging is far more interesting than your typical bundles. These cigars may be slipped in as a bonus to Room 101 orders. Everything Booth showed us you can expect to pay in the $10 to $12 range, plus applicable fees, taxes, duties, and tariffs. Start looking for the cigars starting shortly after the trade show, and continuing through out the fall.

We also talked a little about Room 101 gin that was release in November. Unfortunately that will cost you a little more than $10 to $12. It’s currently available in four states, including Arizona and Nevada.

Sadly, we did not get to enjoy the arcade games.

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