IPCPR 2019: S.T. Dupont

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IPCPR 2019: S.T. Dupont

Dropping by the S.T. Dupont section of the Davidoff booth is always exciting for us. It’s a visual exploration of cigar accessories can be artistically. In the past we’ve learned that a pen and a lighter can become a wild west revolver, this year we find out you can light a cigar with tap water. Yes, a water lighter- you pour plain water in one side, flip and hold a swith, internal magic happens, and a soft flame appears on the other side. The patented table top Hydrolighter (it’s big) took over a year to make, and was only completed shortly before the trade show. We also talk about the second version Complication Lighter (the lighter with a built in combination lock), which features some tweaks on the original, more parts, but also weights a little less. We also take a look at some pieces commemorating the Apollo moon landing 50 years ago, another that has Atlas holding the world with a lighter inside the globe, and a lot of other intriguing pieces.

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