Your Questions, My Answers Episode 12

Your Questions, My Answers3 Comments on Your Questions, My Answers Episode 12

Your Questions, My Answers Episode 12

Sorry for the delay on Episode 12. I am currently editing all three videos together. I am trying something new with the editing. I think everyone will like it. I expect to have the editing finished this evening and it should be avaiable late Monday or early Tuesday.

UPDATE: I finished the editing and started the render process and headed off to bed. When I got this morning, I had an error that I ran out of hard drive space. So I cleaned up some room and hit the render again before I left to work. Will be posted this evening. Working with 3 one hour video files is a lot of work. Thank you for your understanding.  


3 thoughts on “Your Questions, My Answers Episode 12

  1. How can this statement have a 2.3 rating already when the video is not even out yet? Dang, tough audience LOL!!


  2. it has a 2.3 rating BECAUSE the video isnt out yet. im very excited for it though! when is it coming out?

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