Your Questions, My Answers – Episode 12

Your Questions, My Answers26 Comments on Your Questions, My Answers – Episode 12

Your Questions, My Answers – Episode 12

Here it is. I apologize for the very rough edit of this episdoe. Working with 3 one hour length video segments was interesting. I was finding the limits of my system! The next one will be MUCH better. I appreciate your understanding.

Enjoy Episode 12.

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26 thoughts on “Your Questions, My Answers – Episode 12

  1. Thanks for another QnA segment.

    The new format was interesting. I imagine it was probably difficult to produce. I’m curious to see if you attempt this picture-in-a-picture format again in the future. If you want some feedback, on one hand I found it interesting, and on the other it was a bit distracting. I can’t make up my mind. πŸ™‚

    And, thanks again for answering my questions in this and the previous QnA program.

    Keep up the good work. I love this stuff!


  2. Justin good job for your first time.
    the editing was kind of sketchy, but overall it wasn’t bad.
    I liked the new idea but when ,Jerry comes back think about having all 4 of you on that little screen just might not work.
    My opinion, I like the original video style better. Its great to see Brian back on a video review hope to see more of that.
    thanks again to all you guys for taking the time out of your day
    to give us something to enjoy


  3. Hey Justin,

    Great job and it seems like that took a lot of work, so thank you for all your hard work. Just some feedback: I know it must be hard to coordinate switching the video window boxes and getting the timing right, but the off-timing really made things weird. It seemed like there were awkward silences where there weren’t (and while this happened in previous vids, it seemed exaggerated with this new style). Also, some sentences were cut-off awkwardly. But overall, I love the small boxes b/c you can see everyone else, and not just the speaker at that moment. That way you can see their reactions… except the timing is often off. If that can be solved, that would make the video perfect (except I’m guessing that would take WAY too much time and effort). Anwyays, thanks again for what you guys do!


  4. thanks for another great review guys!

    the new format is neat, but i’m not sure the PIP is really worth the extra effort to include in the format. for the most part everyone else is just sitting there idle while one person gives their reply, there isn’t much back and forth and thus the other views really don’t offer anything to the viewer. as stated the screen will also probably be a bit crowded when Jerry returns. oh, and please fix the audio blips, they are frequent and fairly annoying =)

  5. I miss Jerry but nonetheless another very informative YQMA.

    I liked the idea of the whole PIP thing but I’m not sold on it. Like others I found it a bit distracting but there are times where I’d like to see Walt’s reaction to some of the jokes Jerry tries to tell. I’m guessing this new format adds so much time to the process and is why the episodes wasn’t released like they normally are.

    If you can fine tune this format and be able to post the videos like you use to, then that would be great. If its a choice of this format or posting like normal, I’d much prefer the old format.

  6. First of all I would like to say I love your guys site. I have been checking it out for a few months and this is my first comment.

    Interesting new format but, like the others I like the old format better. Maybe if you could iron out some of the problems and timing issues than this could work.

    Walt I absolutely agree with you on the Oliva Serie O the naturals are awesome and i also go for the robusto size. And I have you to thank for getting me hooked on not only the Serie G Maduros but everything from Oliva. They make awesome smokes for the money. I just got my buddy hooked on the G Serie Maduros and we are going to do a box split of the churchill size this week. And we are going to check out one of the Serie V events in the beginning of July.

    And Brian there is nothing wrong with being a computer geek:)

  7. Sorry, I just could not stand the PIP. I don’t really need to, or care to see someone just sitting there puffing on a cigar, and whatnot.

    While I am on my soup box, I think we need to start a donation to get Brian a better camera setup. His voice is almost always off to the movement of his lips. With the background setup that he has it seems to affect his eyes, and make him appear evil. When Walt is talking, the PIP makes it look like he has the devil on one shoulder and and angel on the other

    Love the show and can’t wait to see more.

  8. Walt,
    Great choice on the Oliva Serie O, I’m also a huge fan of the No. 4’s. I’ll definitely have to check out the robustos. Thanks for the tip.

  9. After watching and listening to the comments, I see what you mean. The PIP was a good idea, just not a good implementation. I might recut this episode so that it is the old way. I appreciate the comments.

  10. i like the wider video format much better than the recent squares. Also, I agree with everyone about the PIP, and the audio blips.

  11. I sort of liked the old format better for YQMA. This one was by no means bad, just the awkward scilences and cut off sentances sort of ruined it for me. But its good to have another reviewer on Stogie Review. More reviewers = More reviews (Woohoo!!). Overall YQMA is my favourite part of Stogie Review. Good work guys!

  12. Wow, I can’t believe that way you guys dismiss mild cigars.
    A buddy of mine has a dad who’s about 50 years old and he’s been smoking since he’s been 16. A vetern of 2 wars, traveled the world, smoked almost everything under the sun, and loves mild cigars. Your video makes it seem that mild cigars aren’t noteworthy or isn’t for real “cigar smokers.” Excuse me, but that’s a load of bs.

    My favorite cigars are Padrons, but to each his own. Please don’t forget a lot of this is subjective and a matter personal tastes.

    Macs are best sellers year after year after year- you can’t attribute that to nobbies alone.

    filtering butane removes impurities, the less impurities a fluid has the less likely
    it’ll clog the lighter. Vector is a good choice.

    Guys please be more considerate of the subjectivity involved in this hobby we love. SR and DWSC have been places I loved because of the “considered opinions” but lately on the SR I’ve been hearing a lot of blanket statements.

    Not to ruffle any feathers, I’m just taking time out of my day to share my thoughts on the video. I only attempt to offer constructive criticism.

  13. I think the PIP thing could be good once the audio blips and sync issues are worked out. I can see how that could be time consuming to do every other week though. So whatever you choose, we will watch and enjoy.

  14. Shane,

    My apologies for coming off in the wrong way. I did not intend to dismiss Macanudo Cigars (or Mild Cigars in general)

    My intention was to suggest that Macundo is one of the biggest selling names due to the fact that is is a very well known brand. On many, many occasions these cigars are referred to as mild and recommended for someone just getting into the hobby due to the fact that they are Mild and are not Offensive.

    Also, I would appreciate an email from you in regards to any other blanket statements we may have made so that I can clear those up as well.

    Thanks for the comment

  15. Brett, it’s not the background, I’m just evil. πŸ™‚

    Shane, as stated in the video I don’t have anything bad to say about the Mac Hampton Court maduros, they are a fine cigar I would never refuse. However, I just don’t think they are 2-3x the cigar that a Padron Londres is to me (again, my opinion only, not a blanket statement).

    I’ve reviewed and enjoyed both the 5 Vegas Gold and the Ashton Cabinet which are both fine cigars, they’re just not my personal favorites.

  16. You guys talked about the ‘Zippo Blue’ could someone send me the link about it from Cigar Aficionado. I want to get a Zippo for cigars, because I like the quality of the Zippo lighters, but they give cigars a funny taste.

  17. You know what, I’m sorry. I think I was overly critical. In the video Brian said something to the effect of, “ask a person to name cigars and one of the names that’ll come up will be Macanudo, unless you as a “cigar smoker.”

    In hindsight, that comment could be taken different ways.

    I should have given you guys the benefit of the doubt.

    Either way, you guys do this for free for our entertainment so I should kick back and just enjoy the show.

    So my bad, keep up the great work.

  18. Wow, can’t wait to watch this video.

    On mild cigars – I’m more of a medium or medium to full kind of guy but the single most requested cigar for me to bring for others to smoke or try out is the 5 Vegas Gold. But from day 1 of my cigar smoking, I just was not interested in mild cigars. But I think it fits most people’s pallets. I’m the odd duck.

    Quack Quack. Maduro’s, Cameroons, cat ass taste in my mouth, yeee haaaa.

    However, early morning, it’s mild all the way.


  19. The following takes place between 10 PM and 11 PM. (Even thought I’m way late in watching this, I still get to be the first to make a 24 reference. Awesome.)

    I really appreciate the effort put into this, it was kind of entertaining to watch what everyone was doing all at once. But it strikes me as probably a heck of a lot of additional effort for what you get. I’ll watch either way. My only small beef is that the conversation got chopped in a few places. But hey, A+ for effort.

    Amen on the single flame torch. I’ve tried the triple, but it’s just too much fire for my needs.

    I’m not a big fan of Macanudos, but I don’t hate them. I think they suffer a poor reputation because of their success. They’re everywhere, all the time. And familiarity breeds contempt, as the saying goes. Also, they often are the “fine” cigars that are referenced on the “we sell fine cigars” sign in the gas station window. Of course, what you’ll actually find behind the counter is poor selection of cheap, flavored “cigars” and a couple of loose, extremely dry Macanudos. You just can’t see that too many times without starting to associate dog rockets with Macanudos.

    I was thinking about the process of opening a cigar shop. Perhaps the best approach would be to take on the boss as a silent partner (i.e. cash cow and account source) in a new shop you run yourself. Alternately, why not socialize at the cigar shop and at herfs and see if there are other people interested in going in with you on it.

    Hope all is well with Jerry and family! Thanks for another great YQMA!

  20. I agree with you Brian… Macs definitely don’t suck. They are a mild cigar (not for everyone) but for the number they produce they are super consistent. I enjoy one from time to time. Also, I’m not sure why people say they are expensive, I remember buying a 10 box of the Prince Phillips for around $43, that isn’t very expensive for a double corona, most of the line from what I can tell sells for less than $5 a stick (box price). For the record, I don’t work for MAC and I would take a Padron Londres any day over one.

  21. Ok, just finished watching the video.

    Nice, great commentary.

    On the Mac’s, I didn’t see them as being critical. Certainly perhaps the opening question was but I thought the responses were just being genuine and thoughtful.

    The PIP was a great idea and I’m glad you gave it a shot. I’d have to say, this type of special effect is nice once in a while but I think I prefer the single wide screen. Just my personal tastes there.

    I remember a pod cast on the Dog Watch Social Club and they were interviewing Al Remp. He discusses that rather then define a cigar by strength, instead try and think of what type of cigar to enjoy at that particular time of day.

    Al is just a freaking cigar guru. I definitely encourage people new to smoking to read his articles.


  22. Thanks for the link on the Zippo Blu Walt, Justin. It looks like a good lighter. Too bad I will have to wait until the Fall to get my hands on it. I guess I will have to read the comments in Jerry’s review about lighter suggestions.

    Thanks again,
    Calgary Alberta Canada.

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