Month: June 2007


Padron Londres Maduro

A little switcheroo this week after missing last week, Jerry wanted to do nine in a row after missing a couple but Walt and I managed to sneak a couple in (LOL!), so I’m presenting the Friday review this week. This Friday we have the Padron Londres maduro (5.5×42) which can be had for just […]

Reviews Videos

Oliva Special S

Well folks I’m back, sort of. Still no internet in my new house so I’m running around to get a connection to post this review. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to write a formal written review, so I hope the video will be alright for now. I plan replacing this little blurb with a […]

Site News

Logo Contest

The majority of you out there in Stogie Review land like the new layout and design of the website. The only criticism we’ve received is the lack of a logo for the site. So here is the deal (my apologies to Walt for not clearing this with him but this is what happens when I […]

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