Famous Dominican 2000

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Famous Dominican 2000

Famous Dominican 2000 - 1

Up for review this week is a value line cigar from Famous Smoke Shop. The cigar is a Famous Dominican 2000 in a Lonsdale format (43 x 7.00). These come in bundles of 20 cigars and run $37.95. This cigar comes courtesy of Jeremy from Cigar Corner. Jeremy was kind enough to send all of us here at Stogie Review a couple of cigars he wanted us to review.

During the pre light inspection I found this stick to be pretty attractive overall. The veins in the wrapper were both small and thin creating a smooth feel when handled. When pinched I found the cigar to be firmly packed with tobacco. After a quick cut and light I had the cigar evenly lit and producing smoke.

Famous Dominican 2000 - 2

The first third of my Famous Dominican 2000 produced lots of thick smoke. This is the type of smoke that you look for when you want to blow smoke rings or easily pass it through your sinuses. The draw is a little on the loose side but not too bad overall. The body starts off in the Mild to Medium range with a short but dry finish. The base flavor had very mild natural sweetness but is dominated by Nutty flavors.

At this point in the cigar I was impressed with the quality and construction. The burn line was crisp and thin as well as even. The ash was firm and light grey in color while the resting smoke was light and had a very mild room aroma. The biggest drawback at this point, for me, was the flavor. Each puff produced a dryness on my tongue that when paired with the Nutty base flavor, came across as harsh and unenjoyable.

Famous Dominican 2000 - 3

As I smoked my way into the second third of my cigar things began to get better. The dry finish was beginning to fade and as it faded the harshness seemed to do the same. The base flavor remained Nutty while a salty feeling came into the picture. I say feeling because it was not a flavor, but more of a sensation that began to make me salivate a little. The body remained Mild to Medium while remaining short on the palate.

After about an hour I found myself mid way through the final third of my Famous Dominican 2000. At this point the unenjoyable flavor combination I was experiencing was still present but continued to fade. The body remained Mild to Medium while the finish remained short on the palate but left me feeling dried out in the back of my throat. The base flavor remained Nutty and the Salty sensation continued to make me salivate. The combination was kind of strange, the back of my throat felt dry while the front of my mouth was lightly watering due to the salty sensation.

Famous Dominican 2000 - 4

Overall I think that this is a quality cigar for a value price. I did not enjoy the flavor this cigar produced and would have to come up with a drink combination to compliment the cigar before smoking more in the future. If this cigar sounds like it has a flavor profile that you would find appealing I don’t think that you will be disappointed by the construction of what you receive.

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11 thoughts on “Famous Dominican 2000

  1. For tea try uptontea.com they have the best prices on the net and the best selection. They also have alot of very good info on loose tea, they have $1 samples on most tea so you can try it before you buy a large amount. When will the next episode of Q&A be posted?

  2. Thanks for supplying our cigar fix Walt.

    SR is so awesome and I don’t think we tell you guys often enough. You guys pushed out a ton of videos like clockwork over the past few months.

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into this website.

  3. Thank you for the review.

    Regarding the saltiness/dryness. Could it be nasal congestion?

    I got some saltiness and dryness recently from a Private Stock #2. It was annoying, but I thought maybe it was the fact that I was coming down with the flu, like that knocked my taste buds off balance.

  4. Shane,

    I sure have, they are very good cigars. Unfortunately I am down to my very last one (fortunately it is from the first production batch before the blend changed)

    Famous Nic 3000 – Old Video

    I haven’t been congested lately and I feel great this morning. Hopefully you were not correct and it the dryness was not an early indication of a cold/flu

    Thanks for the comments guys, keep em coming

  5. Walt,

    Thanks for reviewing the Famous brands. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to review a lot of those as they are all “value priced” cigars and I hear good things about some and not so good about others. I’m sure it’s mostly palate differences but I’d like to see your video comments on those.

    Also, JR has all of his “Dominican” etc country of origin cigars and I’m curious as to how those fare?


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