Your Questions, My Answers 13

Your Questions, My Answers20 Comments on Your Questions, My Answers 13

Your Questions, My Answers 13

Here it is. Sorry for the long delay. Here is a tip for you, replace your tapes for your camcorder after 4 years. I was having some audio issues, but got through most of them and that tape is going in the trash. Future episodes will be on time.

UPDATE: Fixed broken embedded flash video.


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20 thoughts on “Your Questions, My Answers 13

  1. Finally the drought is over! Good job guys, I felt it flowed alot better then episode 12, this is probably one of the best YQMA, in my opinion of course.

  2. Is it great to see Jerry or what?

    One question, does Jerry have a different audio set up? When he talks its more of a focused sound.

    Agreed with Frank. This is one of the Top 3 episodes of YQMA!

  3. I just made a coffee table with my cigar labels. I found an old coffee table about 2feet x 2 feet and used a clear paste and put them on top of the table. after that i had a glass top made and it is a really cool looking smoking table.

  4. I will keep this as short as I can…WOW!!!

    You guys really do make my cigar experience so much more enjoyable!! My favorite part of this episode are the disagreements, that goes to show that you are HONEST!!!

    I am currently smoking the Double Chateau Fuente by Arturo Fuente!!

  5. Great as always… I am off work for medical reasons for a few months and nice to sit on the deck, light up a smoke and listen to other ciar lovers. Nice job and worth the extra few days wait

  6. Thanks guys for answering my question about the cigar bands. I still haven’t taken the time to do much with the scarp book idea. So for right now I’m just tossing them into a cigar box. Maybe I’ll just hang on to them until I get old and like in 20 years maybe they will be worth something. 🙂

    And Jerry, I’m completely with you on the annoyance with cigar manufactures not using some kind of standard names for their cigar sizes. I especially find it confusing when they decide to make unique names up that make no sense at all.

    Lastly, I’m a maduro lover and I’m always looking for good cigars to try out so this show added about 5 new cigars to add to Must Try list.

    Thanks again for your video reviews. They are great and as you know they have inspired me to do a bit more with my blog.


  7. Vic – I think I’m the only one using a external microphone connected to my camcorder. Its nothing special but it eliminates a lot of the background noises.

    I gotta say that I enjoyed having Walt and Justin disagree on questions. I think thats whats great about YQMA, we give you all kinds of answers and leave it up to you to decide which one fits the best.

    Did anyone else like the snazzy music in the beginning? I may have to steal that from Justin…

  8. I also use an external mic for my recordings. I think Jerrys is just closer to his mouth so that is why the sound is different. Walt is in a fairly empty room and that does not help.

    At least everyone knows we are just not saying what sounds good. We present our thoughts and sometimes they conflict.

    If you want it, let me know.

  9. As always a great video! I have definitely learned allot from the “YQMA.” I was wondering if there can be future reviews on the Litto Gomez “Diez” line of cigars, Padron 1926 Serie Maduro, and the Fuente Don Carlos Double Robusto. I understand that there are several exceptional affordable priced cigars on the market, but I truly feel that these are worth the extra coin. I’m sure most would agree.


  10. Jerry, between your torpedo shaped head and talking with your mouth full, I’m not sure anyone could be more entertained than me my friend. LMAO

    Walt, did the Metal band ever respond to your request for their music for your reviews?

    Justin, great job on the reviews man. You’re a natural!

  11. Yeah, I’m still using the onboard mic for my camcorder. In addition to that, the drywall box I am in makes for poor audio. I’m holding off until I get my lounge built before upgrading to a condenser mic and mixing board.

    It’s funny you ask. Rafe responded a few weeks ago and gave me permission but I didn’t get the message until yesterday morning. We were talking via and the notification of the message he sent must have went into my spam box.

    I’m going to working with the music ASAP, can’t wait to incorporate it. (Hopefully it doesn’t sound out of place or a cigar video… lol)

    The band can be found at

  12. Have you guys ever looked into seeing if one of your sponsors could come up with some SR t-shirts? The standard “Got Stogie Review?” would be awesome.

  13. Vic,
    We have talked about doing that before but haven;t come up with anything yet. Our only issue is that we do not want to handle an inventory so we may go with something similar to cafe press

  14. Hey fellas, I think your reviews just keep getting better and better. You guys brought up the zippo blue. I had one given to me a week or so ago. I have only used it a few times and it seem to be a good lighter. My only problem with it is sometimes the gas trigger sticks keeping the flame burning. It really works well in the wind and feels great in my hand. I would pay roughly 15 dollars for this lighter. Keep up the great reviews. Peace..Jake

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