Your Questions, My Answers – Episode 15

Your Questions, My Answers8 Comments on Your Questions, My Answers – Episode 15

Your Questions, My Answers – Episode 15

Questions Covered:

1) Perfecto Shaped CIgars from Nathan
2) Mild Cigar Suggestions from CJ
3) Cuban Seed from Sean
4) Defining Finish from Dave B
5) Sungrown Wrappers from Sean
6) Jet Flame vs Torch Flame from Daniel
7) Hidden Gem Cigars from Charlie
8) Excess Humidity from Tom
9) Purging from Jake
10) Sales Tax from Matt
11) Sizes and Shapes from Brent

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8 thoughts on “Your Questions, My Answers – Episode 15

  1. Good episode. Thanks for answering my question about excess humidity. You had enough info to help me make a decision. I’m going to try some beads to wick up excess humidity. This is one thing the Oasis can’t do.

    Btw, you are right, on the oasis you can adjust the level of humidity before it kicks on. I did this so it won’t kick on once the humidity reaches the desired level (65). I highly recomend the oasis to you guys up north. And during the Florida winters they are great due to the lower humidity levels during that time of year. Worth every penny.

  2. Thanks for the quick reply to my question Walt. I live in NY so sales tax is up there on smokes. I just started smoking cigars after a long time off so I get a little overwhelmed when I walk into the local shops. Feel like a minnow surrounded by sharks so I thought buying online would let me explore the world of smokes more freely. Thanks again and great job flying solo.

  3. you the man Walt! Holding down the fort all by yourself. Kudos man, we appreciate the dedication.

    You mention “double robusto,” I don’t recall ever seeing mention of that size…what cigar comes in that size?

  4. Cool thanks Walt! I love the series G maduro in the perfecto size. Have you ever tried the Macanudo maduro? Quite similar in my opinion.

  5. Another great episode Walt! Thanks for featuring my question a second time man. I might have to check out some of those Signature Selects. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  6. Walt,

    Thanks for answering my question. I really appreciate it and know now what to look for when I am at the cigar shop. I’ve still been gobbling up reviews like you wouldn’t believe. I love this site.


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