How Can We Make The Stogie Review Better?

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How Can We Make The Stogie Review Better?

With me getting ready to jump back into action and the day to day stuff of the Stogie Review, I wanted to take a moment and ask for your help:

How Can We Make The Stogie Review Better?

I’ve said time to time that The Stogie Review is more “your’s” than it is “our’s” and now is when I could use some feedback on the site. While I don’t want to lead the discussion I know some don’t like such open type questions but a few things on my mind are:

Topics – While we mainly focus on reviewing cigars are there cigar topics that you’d like to see us cover?

Cigar Reviews – Are we posting too much, too little or just about right? Do you connect with our personalities? Do we share too much or too little personal infomation?

Video Quality – Do we need to improve the audio and/or video quality? Can we make the videos available in any other formats? Do you find the length of the videos right for your attention span?

Your Questions, My Answers – Believe it or not, these are the most watched episodes on the site. Are we answering your questions accurately? Are you learning from them? Does the format work for you?

Don’t feel like you have to answer any of these questions. Use these as just a guide so feel free to have at it. And just in case I forget, thank you in advance.


21 thoughts on “How Can We Make The Stogie Review Better?

  1. Topics: I think you cover a wide array of cigar related issues already. Can’t think of new stuff here.

    Cigar Reviews: I always say more is better! If you guys find the time, please post more of em. I prefer the video reviews, as opposed to written (although the written ones are good). I think 15 – 30 minute reviews are just fine, depending on the smoke. As for personalities, I can relate to all the reviewers. I’ve got no problem with you guys sharing or holding back any personal life info. Each reviewer has something unique to bring to the table.

    Of course it would be nice to have his res video reviews. But the current format is just fine too. Can’t really complain with the audio either.

    YQMA: I look forward to the new episodes. There is always something to learn here. Of course more episodes would be cool, the bi-weekly format is good. It’s obvious that you guys answer questions the best you can. I haven’t known the answers to be incorrect. Maybe it would be cool to take live questions during the episode via Skype every now and then. Luckily it wouldn’t be a live broadcast so you could edit out the prank calls (or leave them in for the hell of it).

    This is one of my top rated cigar sites. I think I speak for everybody… I appreciate the work that goes into this place. It definately has enhanced my smoking experience.

  2. Guys – Just by posting a post like this shows what a truey awesome place this is.

    I’d like to see the video reviews on iTunes updates more frequently. It seems like there is a gap between reviews.

    Hi-Res video in the H.264 format would be great as would a “live” YQMA episode. I’d like to see the new Brian be added as a full fledge member of Stogie Review and maybe one more person for a group of 5. That way there could be a review every day.

    I’d also like to see Walt review the cigars Jerry has smoked or Jerry review Justin’s cigars. Don’t be afraid to review the same cigar twice as each of you have different flavors you enjoy and its interesting to see what everyone thinks of a cigar and not just one of you.

  3. Vic reminded me of something… I did enjoy the joint reviews. That didn’t sound right… I mean multiple reviewers reviewing the same smoke at the same time.

  4. I like this! Its like having a personal wish list.

    I’d like to see more organized giveaways. The logo one was a great idea but bad implementation in my opinion.

    I agree on each of you reviewing the same cigar. Maybe not in a joint review video format but I’d like to see each individual take on a cigar. I know you like to give everyone equal access to the first post on a page but with RSS feeds and everything, I think first post is a bit overrated.

    I’d also like to see the occassional “guest” or “viewer” review. The other Brian has worked out great!

    Lastly, and I know this is a bit of a stretch but I’d like to see an Annual Stogie Review Bash where all of SR lovers can get together and drop ash with all of you.

  5. Hi Jerry and everyone,

    More, more, MORE! Seriously, you guys are doing a GREAT job. I wish I could see a new program every day!

    Here are some ideas:
    – Review cigar related websites.
    – Review more high end cigars.
    – Add a “members” photos photo page.
    – Let us know about cigars you are going to review in advance so that we can try and get them and smoke them along with you as you review them. That would be REALLY great!

    That is it for now. Keep up the great work you are doing. I really enjoy all of your videos.


  6. Hey fellas,

    I look forward to every new entry on your site. Personally, I’d like to see more reviews. I know it takes a lot of work to put together a video segment, so more written reviews would be cool. Also, i enjoy watching your video reviews while I have my own smoke. Ideally, I wish they were slightly longer. It doesn’t have to be all about the smoke, throw some personal stories in there to break it up. Also, i think one of the other posters mentioned a member photo page and more giveaways (cigars/accessories/apparel). One last thing, how about a Top 10 list for the month. It could include smokes, accessories, web sites…etc.. Anyway, that’s my two cents. Keep up the great work guys, I’m sure everyone who frequents this site appreciates your hardwork.

  7. I agree entirely with Matt. A few more reviews and perhaps a few more contests.

    Also, perhaps a few reviews of mini’s would be a nice change to mix things up.Quite often mini’s vary from their fullsize counterparts. And in today’s world, we don’t all have enough time to sit down for a full smoke.

    Everything on your site is truly magnificent, and I’m certain everyone enjoys watching your reviews, keep up the wonderful work!

  8. More personality.

    Seriously, anyone one can use google and find cigar related information. I personally feel, what made SR so successful is personality. Brian Hewitt is awesome, he fits right in. Sign this guy and offer him a multi-year contract, with a team option for additional years.

    I think advertisement could be done a bit more tasteful.

    lastly, thank you SR for all your hard work and dedication.

    I haven’t been on SR as often as I used to, I’m not vibing with the new SR that much to be honest.

    I would also say, don’t be afraid to experiment. Man doesn’t live on cigars alone.

  9. More Brian! More Bri… Oh dang it, I forgot to change my login… 😉 (Thanks for the kind words Vic and Kirk!)

    Before adding my random cigar scribblings to the Stogie Review, I was a loyal fan. And I religiously watched YQMA and tried to watch as many of the other videos as I had time for. There’s a lot of things to know and learn about cigars, and though nobody knows it all (though I’m pretty sure Walt is as close as it gets), you guys have always been great when it comes to coming up with reasonable answers and theories in the YQMA segments.

    I heard a person or two at RTDA talking about wanting to see more than one person reviewing a cigar when the topic of cigar reviews come up. It can provide a more rounded view, and readers/viewers can get a better idea of who their palate is most alike.

    I like the idea of a heads up on who’s reviewing what and when. A little “Who’s On Tap This Week” sidebar widget might be handy. So people could be smoked-up and ready to share their thoughts (i.e. tell me I’m crazy) in the comments on a given cigar.

    Cal, don’t make me dig out my RTDA Stradivarius! Actually, I was giving some thought to reviewing a Greycliff or the Partagas 160 in an upcoming review. (That is before Jerry’s triumphant return!) I can understand why higher end smokes don’t get as many reviews though: they’re spendy! 🙂

  10. i think it would be cool if you all smoked the same cigar during YQMA and throughout the episode did a review together to break up the questions. Just a thought.

    Oh, and get the brians more involved. both are awesome.

    Last thing, if you can offer the video in hi res and low res. sometimes at school the bandwidth gets slow and it takes forever to download the episode.

    otherwise hats off to all you guys, you do us all a great service

  11. The more content the better I think. I really like the video reviews, but the writen ones with a ton of pictures are awsome. I like the way Stogie Review is sort of layed back. In YQMA your able to joke around a little, lighten the mood. It makes YQMA alot of fun to watch, its not serious that “this is the only correct answer or way of doing such and such thing”. Its a great site the way it is, I dont really think it needs any major changes, just more content when possible.

    PS – More Brian, more Brian! (And Jerry, and Justin, and Walt)

  12. It’s really tough to come up with ideas to make the site better, you folks really do a great job. I do have a difficult time finding specific info you’ve covered, like suggestions for beverages compatible with cigars. My favorite is Port wine, Warres Warrior. And if cigars were categorized by cost it would make finding a budget friendly smoke easier to find. I know you review a range of price points, I’m thinking maybe a “luxury” list, a “budget” list, and whatever you’d call an in between list. Maybe a way for readers to post suggestions, ie. how to make a large humidor for those of us who got a little overheated at the auction site and have a storage prob, or whatever. Again, you do an excellent job now, for which THANKS!

  13. A couple more ideas came to me on the deck as I smoked. Some sort of reader forum thing for more experienced/knowledgeable readers to offer their cigar suggestions to us unenlightened, and perhaps a list of cigar “alternatives,” ie. other mild smokes for Macanudo fans, one suggestion would be Indian Tabac, other medium for whatever is the medium standard, etc. Not “taste-alikes” but rather smokes at a similiar or lower price point for a change of pace, a “different” cigar to try.

  14. You really need to standardize the volumes between people in YQMA. One person is loud and you can hardly here the others. I have to keep adjusting my volume when the video switches people.

    I agree with James about the smoking the same cigar suggestion. You could turn it into a mini review by providing your opinions on the cigar in the end.

    Overall, you guys do a great job!

  15. Find some dirt on Hewitt and blackmail him with it- either do videos or tell his wife about his Philippina mistress.

  16. I notice that on the cigar review index it isn’t updated with some of the reviews (such as the 601 maduro). If you guys updated that I know that would help me out alot.

  17. i would love to see you , walt and brian do a group review.not only do i think we would get a more rounded review , the convo would be killer.doesnt even have to be that line up.

  18. I really enjoy the site. You are all doing a good job.

    Have you ever considered an interview with someone from a cigar factory? Maybe one of the Eiroa’s from Camacho? Seems like one of those people would like to blow their own horn about whats going on in the industry or just their own company. If you announced it in advance viewers could send in specific questions about brands etc.

    Also -personal info is great. I’d like to see Walts hat up close.

    So many cigars , so little time.
    One thing I’ve enjoyed about the reviews is finding new brands to try. . How about a list of online stores that sell the cigars you are going to review and prices of 5 packs. Announce your reviews in advance so viewers could pick some up and smoke along with you.

    Video is fine. Audio isn’t always consistant.

    Thanks for a great site and all the work you do.

  19. I noticed a new link to Cigar Inspector and while I don’t encourage stealing, they have a great feature on their site. The feature allows visitors to submit their own cigar reviews (via a form). Would love to see something like this for Stogie Review. Maybe have a Viewer Submitted review once a month.

  20. Can we replace Jerry’s MySpace feed on the left side panel with say the latest threads/posts from the new Fan Forum?

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