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Stogie Fan Forum

One of the recommendations we received on how we can make The Stogie Review better was to have a Forum/Message Board so that Stogie Review visitors can communicate with each other as well as give us another avenue to communicate with you.

I’d like to take a moment to introduce the Stogie Fan Forum.  You can access the Stogie Fan Forum by the link on the left sidebar.  It took a little bit of work but I’ve made it so you don’t have to register again.  So if you’ve registered with The Stogie Review you can use the same username and password when using the Stogie Fan Forum.

I’ve never run a Forum/Message Board before so I’m counting on you guys to help me out by keeping the discussions from getting heated.  In other words, don’t make me have to look up how to administer this thing.

More changes based on your feedback are on the way…


5 thoughts on “Stogie Fan Forum

  1. Good luck with the forums! I’ve helped moderate forums in that past and found it to be a huge headache that I do not want. One thing I can recommend is setting up some good guidelines right from the get go and watch out for discussions that bring up politics.

  2. Thanks for the advice Cigar Jack. I’m hoping (maybe I’m just being my usual naive self) that the forums will moderate themselves and I won’t have to do any kind of active moderating.

  3. I’d like to think that they’d end up moderating themselves as well. I consider cigar smokers tend to be more “intelligent” in a sense that they know how to act and respond to others.

    Anyhow, I’m smoking a Partagas Black today! Absolutely wonderful. Absolutely worth every penny.

  4. Jerry,
    A friend of mine tried to let his cigar board moderate themselves and it did not go well. All the dregs slowly moved in that were banned elsewhere. My suggestion would be to watch who your best posters are and invite them to moderate it.

    I’m posting my review of the Partagas Black Label Bravo tomorrow. It is one of my favorite cigars.

  5. I think a forum could be great. It all depends on the members. (Us)

    Something I’d like to see is member reviews and comments on some of the cigars available that are seconds/unbanded or in some way seeming bargains. I see them from time to time in ads, the latest to tempt me is a email special from ‘Cigar 5 Packs’ offering Cohiba Black Corona’s @ $89.95/20. TGTBT? Maybe we could take turns TOFTTing.

    We’ll see what happens, thanks for the chance.


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