Makers of cigars fear bill’s burn

7 thoughts on “Makers of cigars fear bill’s burn

  1. Hello Everyone,

    Here in Canada we had several tax hikes on cigars to the point that cigars are sold %300 higher than then MSRP. On top of that cigar smoking ban is everywhere. Theoretically that could have destoryed the cigar business long time ago but at the end no cigar store went out of business and no one I know stopped buying premium cigars. So guys, it will be more expensive to buy cigars but like everything else we’ll all get use it same as gas prices.

  2. Americans hate to get use to anything…as dynamic/progessive nation that we think we are or how much we hammer the drums of change, we like certain things to stay the same even our vices.

    With that said, I don’t think people actually have a problem with the tax but more that the proposed tax are singling out smokers like we’re the only bad health product. Its been said many places already but why not tax fast food, potato chip and candy bar makers and spread this tax out so no one industry has to suffer.

    Just my take…Alex don’t most folks in Canada just order their cigars from outside of Canada and just hope the tax man doesn’t catch on? Leaving the tourist as the primary buyer at B&M’s. Has that 300% tax increase improve what it was supposed to improve?

  3. I was trying just to stick to posting videos from TheNewsRoom but the content just isn’t there yet. Much more text based articles.

    We will have to co-ordinate better Cigar Jack. 🙂

  4. Alex,

    I disagree, most of the cigar stores in Canada are hurting big time, and they are few and far between compared to the amount of stores per square km/mile in the US. What is keeping them alive is a lot of tourists, especially from the US that want their Cubans and are willing to pay $20, 30 and $50 a stick to get them… I know a few shop owners and they just get by.

    Also, I’m part of a huge Canadian cigar group and no one I know buys cigars from Canadian retailers… they either pick up boxes when they leave the country or order through the net.

    If the bill passes and Bush doesn’t Veto it, I’ll be loading the boat and placing a monster cigar order from the US… probably 30-50 boxes.

    The governments are very stupid in my opinion… when you jack a tax that much you just create an underground economy for the product. I remember 10-12 years ago when the Canadian government doubled the price of cigarettes, my cousin paid his way through dental school in Detroit by smuggling over cartons from the US every day… that practice only ended when the tax was reduced again.

  5. this is why i dont trust the gov.all these hand outs and whos pays???????????? US! these god damn thieves!

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