Your Questions, My Answers – Episode 20

Your Questions, My Answers6 Comments on Your Questions, My Answers – Episode 20

Your Questions, My Answers – Episode 20

On this episode we have a special guest on the show, Chris (Ceedee) from Cigar Live

This episode covers:

– Difference between JR Ultimate and the JR Ultimate Cabinet Line
– Habana 2000 wrapper
– Advice for the new smoker
– Laying down a barrier inside your humidor
– Coming to enjoy a brand of cigar after a bad experience
– Are we aficionados
– Tips for starting a new blog
– What makes Cigar Live so successful
– What cigar brands are you hooked on
– Correction thanks to John from episode 19
– New happenings at Cigar Live
– 15% off coupon code for Fumee World (“stogiereview” good until Nov. 1st)
– Episode 19 MQYA Answer and discussion thanks to Carlos from New Jersey
– New Episode 20 MQYA
(Call 610-572-2636 to answer or leave a voicemail through Skype to wwhite72082)

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6 thoughts on “Your Questions, My Answers – Episode 20

  1. Once again, another awesome YQMA. Too bad Jerry couldn’t attend. He is like Dennis the Menace. He always has something not going his way.I think Chris did a great job. I was wondering, what ever happened to Brian Tipton?

  2. Man this was awesome!
    I really enjoy watching this one.
    And glad to see you aboard this one, Chris.
    he was the first one to bomb me on cigarlive haha.
    thanks again, brotha!

  3. I just wanted to say how good it was to see Col. CD representing CigarLive on the Stogie Review! Great episode of YQMA, although it would have been great to have Jerry in on the “virtual herf” as well….maybe next time. Keep up the great work guys! 🙂

  4. Excellent YQMA session. Great to see Chris making himself useful representing Cigar Live. We get to hang out regularly, and I think his comments hit the nail squarely on the head. We have an amazing group of people on the board, a lot of information disseminated, questions answered, members support each other, loads of fun, and no one is left out. Daniel (Stogie) and the mods do a fantastic job of keeping things real.

    Great job Ceedee – I have an MB2 with your name on it bro!

  5. Great job guys! Walt told you the jist of the story on why I missed Episode 20 but the cleaners losing my suit had a cascading event on the rest of the day. It wouldn’t of been so bad if I hadn’t been trying to get out of going to this wedding for the past 2 months so my wife thought this was some elaborate plan on getting out of going.

    YQMA is great with just Walt and I but when you add a third person in the mix, the show really has a whole different dynamic and I hope to have Chris on again soon. Chris is one of the reasons I always refer to Cigar Live as being the “the best damn cigar forum”.

  6. Well, thanks guys for all the kind words. Really, too kind!

    I can’t say it enough – I really had a great time getting a chance to chat about cigars with Walt and talk about CigarLive a bit. It was too bad Jerry could not attend, but I am sure I will get to chat with you guys some time soon.

    Ya know, for me, Stogie Review is really aimed at cigar people like me – Always a bit of fun, some frank talk about cigars and the cigar lifestyle and on top of that, you know the guys that produce it are really down-to-earth and genuine. The format itself and the super content that is here every week, keeps me coming back here for more. I felt really honored to be asked to be a small part of the whole thing on this segment and I loved it! So, thanks Walt and Thanks Jerry! As for CigarLive, well I just love that place! The people are top notch, it’s a ton of fun and it is a place that really feels like home. I hope I was able to convey that in this last YQMA episode! Thanks again y’all!


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