What to expect of Stogie Review in 2008

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What to expect of Stogie Review in 2008

My apologies for this post being a little late, I was planning on posting this shortly after Jan. 1st but we got pretty busy around here.

Our goal this year was to become a little more active. The initial plan was to begin publishing articles and reviews 5 days per week but things seemed to have picked up a little more than expected. After going into the mindset of getting something up 5 days per week, we somehow unintentionally transitioned into what looks like will become 7 days per week.

The week, in most cases, will look like the following

YQMA and Guest Videos
Grab bag sort of day, may be an article, review, contest reminder, etc.
Brian’s Review (accompanying video in the works)
Guest Written Reviews
Walt’s Review & Video
Cigar Related Article
A look at what we have been reading, watching, and listening to over the past week.

Unfortunately, I have a little bad news for the week. While editing Episode 25 of YQMA I ran into an issue with some of the video. It seems that part of the file may be corrupt and will delay the show being posted. I may be able to have everything straightened out by Friday. If not, I’ll do the best I can with the video and post it the way it is.

Thank you to everyone who entered the Question Contest. The turnout was nice and all of your questions were addressed on the show. A winner has been selected and will be announced no later than Friday Evening (Sooner if I can get the video squared away).

We also have some plans for more contests in the future. As of right now the current MQYA question is the same as it was in Episode 24, so plaese feel free to enter the contest at any time. During the next recording we will be giving away a prize for a random Voicemail entry as well as bring back unique MQYA questions.

The new MQYA contest will be setup as a monthly giveaway, so all entries for episode 26 and 27 will be pooled together for a random drawing. A voicemail for both episodes will give you better odds of wining. The winner will receive a Puck-ifier courtesy of Cigarmony. A winner will be selected to receive a Puck-ifier ever month for the remainder of the year (Thanks again Mark!)

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4 thoughts on “What to expect of Stogie Review in 2008

  1. Sounds great! Really enjoy reading the site. Out of curiosity, will Jerry be returning to the site at any point in time, or is that one just up in the air? Just wondering. Being a beginner, with little experience, this site is a great source of knowledge and I really do look forward to the new reviews. Wish you all the best for the new year, and am looking foreward too all the reading! Cheers, Paul.

  2. Paul,
    Jerry returning is sort of up in the air. I would love to see him return at some point, but I don;t expect that to happen for a little while.

  3. Walt – Sounds like you have a good schedule for the site, and we appreciate the efforts (along with Brian of course).

    As for Jerry, how cool would it be to have him back. I hope he does well either way.

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