Check this out – Week 7 (2008)

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Check this out – Week 7 (2008)

In keeping with the trend, we thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of recommended reading, listening, and watching. With that said, here is what Brian and I checked out this week.


Cigar Advisor:
This week Gary Korb discusses an Iowa ban on smoking that passed the state’s senate, and the Altadis’ launch of the Edicion Limitada for a number of famous Cuban cigar lines.

Cigar Command:
Ricky announces that Scott has joined the cigar review platoon, and Scott puts up a review of the Ashton VSG Belicoso.

Cigar Inspector:
Cigar Inspector makes a prediction about when the U.S. Cuban embargo will be lifted and reviews The Griffin’s Fuerte Robusto.

Cigar Jack:
This week Jesse asks about your cigar spending habits. He’d like to know what’s the most and the least you’ve ever spent on a cigar. He also reviews the Torano website, compares notes on the CAO Vision, reviews the Hoyo de Tradicion Epicure and makes a waffle while juggling flaming machetes. (We’re kidding about the last one, but we have no proof he didn’t.)

Cigar Monkey:
Dan smokes the Gurkha Regent and gives it a solid 89.

Keepers of the Flame:
Tom lights up and enjoys the Oliva Special S Torpedo in his latest review.

Stogie Guys:
The Stogie Guys give the Padron 7000 4 out of 5 cigars.

The Box Press:
Kevin sizes up the Flor de Gonzalez Gold Series Robusto this week and finds it a good, if unexciting, morning smoke.


Cigar Live Podcast:
TJ does his weekly wrap up of the happenings of Cigar Live on his weekly podcast.

Stogie Fresh 5:
For episode #106 the Doc smokes 2 cigars that are known as the Dunhill Signed Range.

Dog Watch Cigar Radio:
Episode #154 of the show is up for your listening pleasure. This week Bob and Dale tackle the El Tiante 23 Series Belicoso.

Everything Else

Cigar Places:
As Walt mentioned in yesterday’s post, there’s a new user friendly website out there for cigar enthusiasts looking for a good place to light up a good stogie. This new resource can be found at the easy to remember web address Check it out, and add your favorite places to leave a long ash!

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