Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 28

Your Questions, My Answers7 Comments on Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 28

Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 28

Segment 1

Jeremiah Asks:
My question is about piling different types of cigars on top or next to one another in the humidor. I have a humidor that holds 300+ cigars and am having to do this in order to get the most out the space. I don’t notice any changes in the flavor of my smokes. I was wondering what your thoughts were on the subject. Does it have any effect on the cigars at all?
I am not storing any flavored cigars. All natural.

James Asks:
Hi, I just got a box of Fuente Hemingway Clasicos. The box came with one of those Humidipacks in it (a 70% one, with nice custom graphics on it). Anyway, I’m wondering if I should go ahead and take the cello off them and place them in my humidor, or just keep them in the box with the Humidipack? The pack seems to still be fresh.

MJ Asks:
Hey Stogie Review
I was wondering if you could use the wooden cigar box my stogies come in as a temporary humidor. I am talking about the tighter sealed boxes, with a humidification stick or water pillow added in. Could this be a viable humidor for those of use who just don’t have the room, or should we just go the ol’ tupperware route?

Discussion Topic:
New website,

Segment 2

Joel Asks:
People have asked me what flavors to expect from different wrapper tytpes and I always have a hard time answering the question. I was hoping to get some help from the Stogie Review guys and be able to explain what flavors to expect from a Cameroon Wrapper, versus Connecticut, Maduro, Corojo, etc…

Luke Asks:
Well it finally happened. After several months being concerned whether or not I was doing enough to prevent an infestation by Lasioderma serricorne, I noticed some dark brown dust around one of my Cubano Limitados by Fonseca. There are a few small holes in that one cigar, but I don’t see any beetles anywhere, nor do I see holes in other cigars. I was surprised that the larvae hatched now (during cooler months), as I live in Florida, and had that cigar in that humidor during warmer months when I know my RH and temp were higher. I’m not afraid to smoke cigars that I know have bugs, but I don’t want to see my entire collection reduced to dust. I’ve recently seen beetles in a couple disply humidors at my local B&M, and have since stopped purchasing cigars (that I intend to age) from them (although the culprit Cubano Limitado did come from there several months ago). So, here are my questions- Should I avoid buying even full and sealed boxes from my B&M if I know there are beetles around?

Should I rush to put my whole collection in the freezer to kill any bugs? How much will the cigars be affected? I’ve read that some large distibutors of cigars actually freeze truckloads of cigars to prevent outbreaks. I’m so paranoid at this point that I’m actually “quarantining” ANY new cigars I buy in a smaller humidor before adding them to my main humidor, even though I realize it is unlikely that conditions supporting the eggs’ hatching will occur. How about tobacco bug pheromone traps that are available for about $20? Have you heard anything about their effectiveness? What experiences have you had with the bugs, and what methods have been effective for you? Sorry about the length of this message, please feel free to paraphrase, consolidate these questions, or pick and choose from them if you choose this topic for YQMA. Thank you for your good work. The Stogie Review is always my first choice for cigar reviews and information.
Luke in Winter Park, FL.

Matt Asks:
Hello Stogie Review,

So, here’s the story. I bought about 12 cigars a few weeks ago. They came to me by mail, and when they got here they were a little dry. At the time I didn’t have a proper humidor and was using tupperware with humidifying crystals. Now, I’m finding soft spots on nearly all of my cigars. I’m worried about poor draw, but more importantly, cracking. Any suggestions? And when I transfer them to a proper humidor (within the week, when I get the chance to buy one), is there anything I can do, aside from monitoring for proper humidity levels, to ensure it doesn’t happen again?
Thanks a lot.

Segment 3

Discussion Topic:
Don Pepin Garcia no longer rolling Padilla Cigars
How does Walt extend his smoke time to the extreme?
What have we been smoking?
My Question, Your Answer for the next show.

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7 thoughts on “Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 28

  1. Thanks for the response, guys. The question was asked by my friend who likes to smoke cigars with me, but doesn’t have the interest/patience to set up his own humidor. I figured I would ask Stogie Review. Once again, you all have come through. Thanks very much for taking the time.

    Long ashes,

  2. Thanks a lot for the time. You guys really eased my fears of the tupperware. It answer really helped me out a lot.

  3. Awesome job guys. I liked how you split up the videos too, because sometimes I go back to it later, and don’t like having to wait for it to load to the part I was at.

  4. Awesome episode. I like having the questions in text, it makes for easier reference. Having 3 segments split up is easier as well (same reason as Jon W said).

    As for freezing… I freeze all cigars before putting in my main humidor. As Chris said, info is on Cigar Live, or a google search. Also Brian Tipton’s method is here on Stogie Review.

    I simply double or triple freezer bag the cigars, place them in the fridge for 12-24 hours, then put in the freezer (at -10F) for up to 72 hours. Then back in to the fridge for a day, and at room temp for a day (still in the bags). After all that, I date the cigars and place them in the humidor. I let them sit for a least a couple weeks before smoking. So far I’ve had no bad results from this method. My reason for freezing is the same as Brian Tipton’s (except I’m in FL).

  5. Thanks guys for taking the time to answer my question I submitted. I did realize at the time that the entire blend affects the taste of the cigar. With that said, I appreciate your efforts in describing in general terms the “potential” flavor profile of different wrapper types.

  6. The Triple-Seg format is much better. I listen at work and usually over a couple of days. It was nice not to have to download for 20 minutes before i could listen to the last 5 minutes of the show.

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