Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 29

Your Questions, My Answers8 Comments on Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 29

Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 29

Welcome back for another Episode of Your Questions, My Answers Episode 29. Just like last time, I’ve broken the show down into three segments all with separate video for your watching convince. The overall time of the show doesn’t seemed to have changed much, so hopefully you don’t mind the chatter.

Segment 1

Question 1 from Paul via Contact Form
Read “how to build a coolerdor” and bought a hygrometer from Wal Mart. First one wouldn’t move off 20% rel humidity. The second one read 65% doing the salt calibration test which produces (based on my experience) exactly 75% rel humidity. How did you get a good one and have you ever calibrated it?

Question 2 from Michael via Email
My cigars swelled. I couldn’t figure out why my boxed shaped cigars were rounding out. Then someone told me because of too much humidity. I was ave. 65% to 68% humidity. I made mention off this to my local cigar shop and he recommended that I place a shot glass of distilled water in my humi because it is new (I upgraded to a bigger humi since I last wrote you) and need to raise the humidity. I did it. Next thing I know I ave. between 73% to 74% and I noticed that my cigars are losing its shape. Then I was told that it was because of too much humidity or raised it to fast. Then I was told to isolate the cigars in the humi but I don’t have room to do so. Next, I was told to put them in a zip-lock bag to revive them. How can I save my cigars and will I lose taste and quality of the cigars? Help please!!!

Question 3 from Jon via Voicemail
I’ve posed this question to people in the past and have never gotten a very good answer, so I’m passing it along to you guys. We all know that smoking a full bodied cigar in the morning or on an empty stomach will give you more of a nicotine buzz than if smoked later in the day or evening. My question is why?

Segment 2

Question 4 from Ryan via MP3 Submission
Brian said it can be fun to poke at some cigars for being bad.
So my question is this:
What is the worst cigar you have smoked, and what in your opinion made it bad?

Question 5 from Matt via Email

My desk top humi is full and I have been looking online for larger humi’s online but with fully automatic environment controls, temp and humidity. Is there such as beast. If so could you please give me some direction on where I could look online.

The Oliva G Maduro’s are awesome I just received a box of torpedo’s and I am enjoying them. Your review inspired me to try one Im hooked!

Thanks for all the help as cigars have become a very big hobbie for me over this last year. Stogie Review is my home page, I look forward to logging on daily to see what is next.

Milwaukee Wisconsin

Question 6 from Pete via Voicemail
I am planning a trip to fly from CA to MD and I would like to bring some cigars with me. I have never traveled on an airplane with cigars and would like to know how to pack them or if they would even survive the trip due to changing pressures and what not. I would be using a cigar caddy style travel humidor.

Segment 3

Items of discussion include:
– Oliva Cigar mentions a new Connecticut wrapped cigar in the works.
– Perdomo has plans of adding a Connecticut Shade variety to its Habano line
– Has any of us been bitten by the Cigar Monster and Joe Cigar bug?

– What are out thoughts on removing Ammonia from cigars

To enter to win an 601 Oscuro sampler (3 cigars total) send in a voicemail with your question for the next episode by 5:00 PM EST on 3/26/08 . Entires will be played during the show and a winner will be selected at random.

To enter the MQYA drawing for a Puckifier courtesy of Cigarmony, send in a voicemail with your answer for the next episode by 5:00 PM EST on 3/26/08 . Entires will be played during the show. A winner will be selected and announced at the end of the month.

Voicemail can be sent through the Skype software to user wwhite72082 or by dialing (610) 572-2636

Happy Smoking

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8 thoughts on “Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 29

  1. As always, awesome episode Walt and Brian.

    As for Ed and I being on episode 30, I urge you all to send your questions in. Sure, I’m a noob, but between Walt, Brian, and Ed, your sure to get a good answer.

    Although I’ve never flown with cigars, I’ve traveled with them in my Harley’s saddlebag plenty of times. I suspect the conditions on the bike are much worse then that of an airplane. The trick I found to work (if they aren’t in cello) is to wrap the cigars individually in paper towles. Any empty space in your travel humidor, fill it up with paper towels. Also, keep some beads in there. As for cutters, like Walt/Brian said, putting them in check in luggage should be fine. I’ve known of punches getting taken away at security, so i wouldn’t bother trying to pack them in carry on.


  2. Great job as always guys.

    Walt, looks like the feed is working. Thanks.

    Also, looks like Famous Smoke Shop out of Easton, PA runs Cigar Monster. Went to their site and sifted through some links.

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