Contest Prizes and how to enter

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Contest Prizes and how to enter

A video post on the current contests and prizes of Stogie Review. Get your entries in before its too late.

YQMA contest for a 3 cigar 601 Oscuro Sampler

MQYA Contest for a Puck courtesy of Cigarmony

“Things that make you go huh…” contest for an 8 cigar Rocky Patel Decade Celebration Sampler courtesy of Cigar Monkey.

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6 thoughts on “Contest Prizes and how to enter

  1. Yea I definitely need to get in the game, I’ve been busy with work and papers…but wow, all those cigars from Matt just made me drool on my keyboard. Especially the Perdomo Reserve Champagne, which I’ve been wanting to try. Damn Matt, you are one generous guy.
    Good luck with the contests fellas!

  2. Walt – I just got to the point in the video where you’re beginning to show all the cigars you received and you commented that you hadn’t yet decided what to do with all of them. A suggestion: How about sending some to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan?

  3. Great idea Walt to make a video to get the contest entries really jump started. I’ve been pretty lazy lately about getting entries in, but this has been very encouraging/enticing.

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