Contest Winner: “Things that make you go huh….”

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Contest Winner: “Things that make you go huh….”

Near the end of February I had a comedic experience at a local B&M and decided to run a little contest to see who had heard some interesting stories or seen some strange things at their local shops. We received several entries which were both horrifying and down right funny.

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There is a liquor store around the corner from me that has walk in humidor that the cashier needs to “buzz” you in. A few years back, I took a friend of mine there to get some beer and decided to go into the humidor to check out the cigars. They buzz us in and we are greeted by one of the guys that works there. I walks in with us, with pen and paper in hand so he can write down what we are buying. As i’m looking over the selection, he asks me and my buddy if we’ve ever had cuban cigars before. I told him yes. He then proceeded to ask me if I was interested in buying a few. He gets a stepstool, climbs up and removes one of the ceiling panels and pulls down a box of cigars. The box said Partags but the cigars inside the box were H. Upmanns. All of which looked like they swam all the way up from Cuba. The guy told me that they were the real thing but couldn’t explain why the cigars in the box didn’t match the box itself. He was selling the cigars for 20 bucks each. I told him kindly that I wouldn’t want one even if he was giving them away for free. He tucked them back up into the celing and we left.

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