Sancho Panza Double Maduro Cervantes

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Sancho Panza Double Maduro Cervantes

Well, it’s time for a late-breaking Saturday Sunday Monday Supplemental cigar review. (Heavy emphasis on the late part of “late-breaking.”) Earlier this week Jerry mentioned to me that we haven’t yet done a video review of the Sancho Panza Double Maduro. Oh sure, Jerry and Walt have both had their say on this popular smoke, but in both cases, the reviews predate the video Stogie Review has become known for. That means it’s the perfect time for me to have my say and in full technicolor splendor. (Actually, technicolor had nothing to do with this. Please don’t sue us.)

And to make this even more interesting, this Double Maduro is a birthday smoke. It was part of a gift from my wife, who selected a surprisingly nice group of cigars, completely unassisted. Which is all the more impressive considering she doesn’t smoke cigars and only gets interested in them when they start stinking up the house!

Anyway, here’s the cigar review, with a healthy dose of my video review antics. (Note: The Surgeon General has determined that no amount of my video review antics can be considered “healthy.”) Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments area provide below.

Stogie Nutritional Facts:
Size: 6 1/2 x 48
Wrapper: Connecticut
Binder: Connecticut
Filler: Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua
Smoking Time: 2 hours
Beverage: Coffee, water
Price: < $3.00 a stick
Original Reviews: Jerry’s Cervantes Review, Walt’s Quixote Review

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17 thoughts on “Sancho Panza Double Maduro Cervantes

  1. Great review ! Looks like a stick I’ll definately try, especially at $3 a stick. Keep up the good work. OH, and a belated Happy B-Day !


  2. Nice review and Happy Birthday! It is no wonder the cigar is not carried in more stores. What retailer needs a $3.00, good smoking cigar when he can sell Gurkhas at $14.00 a pop? Not to pick nits, but as a fellow wordsmith, isn’t the reference to ‘twang’ more properly referenced as ‘tang’. Twang is generally used as a term describing sound, e.g. Duane Eddy’s twangy guitar sound, while tang is more closely allied with taste. Tang, in Webster’s opinion, is “a sharp distinctive often lingering flavor”. It would be possible for a cigar to have twang, but that would most likely occur when dropping it on one’s guitar.

  3. Hey Brian,

    Your review makes me want to light one of these and lay it in an ashtray during a laser light show…it certainly seems like it pumps out plenty of resting smoke! Hmm…maybe not. Techno and cigars doesn’t sound fun.

    I’m a sucker for maduro wrappers, so this will have to be a future purchase. Great review as always!

  4. Brian,

    Awesome review. I was cracking up at that cake story.

    What are those mini cigars that you compared the Sancho Panza to?

  5. Thanks bugsmoran!

    Thanks ace,
    You’re absolutely right on the twang/tang difference. I take a little license using “twang” for a couple of reasons: I can’t say tang without either thinking of bawdy jokes and/or a powdered orange drink mix. And I like musical tie in. So yeah, it’s wrong, but sometimes it just feels good to be wrong. LOL

    Mike (click2riff),
    If you haven’t tried these yet, you really should. I’m thinking the Double Maduro and the new Ashton Benchmade top my budget cigar list. And if you happen to have some special lighting equipment handy, bonus!

    Thanks Robert,
    Those little cigars are the Villiger Export Maduros. It’s not a perfect match, but I noticed many similar elements between the two. The similarities start to break down as you get about half way through the second third of the Double Maduro, but if you don’t have time for a full cigar, you can’t go wrong with that little Villiger.

  6. Brian,

    Nice review. I love the fact that we also got a history lesson and an artwork display all in one show (LOL)! As for the cigar, I will pick one up due to your “thumbs up” on it.


  7. Hey Brian … another great review. I just so happen to have one in my humi right now. After viewing this maybe I’ll spark it up this week.

  8. Nice review Brian.

    I think ace meant that his cigars have a certain “wang” to them.

    I really like the Sancho Panza, though I like the Fuerte a bit more. They are an excellent cigar for the money, I need to get me another box soon.

  9. Thanks Joel/Stew,
    I try to make every cigar review a learning experience. And when I fail at that, I just resort to B.S. But my opinion of the cigar isn’t B.S. Try it out, I’ll bet you like it.

    Thanks Jon W, Nate, Paul O. and Marcian!
    Glad you enjoyed the review, now go enjoy a Double Maduro!

    LOL Steve (Ratters),
    Thinking about any cigar having a certain “wang” to them is just disturbing.

  10. Finally got around to that Sancho Panza double maduro (churchill). Great stick!!! Looked a little rough (flaking wrapper) but the draw, burn and ash was perfect. I loved it …. stick smoked far better than my first RP Decade. Image that …. for the price it might even beat out my beloved Oliva Serie G maduro. The only negative was the resting smoke. Just like yours smoke just poured out of this thing. Thanks for turning me on to another great stick.

  11. Hey – I just picked up a box of these and was actually smoking one while watching your review, I have to agree with you 100%. I have to say this is one of my favorite smokes and always recommend them to my friends. Anyway..good job on the review, it was informative and entertaining.

  12. SANCHO PANZA- A great smoke at a great price. After your review I’ll buy a five pack of these on my next order of the Extra Fuertes (Barcelona) Thanks,Brian for another entertaining and informative review

    Bill in Havana, Fl.

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