Contest: Win a $30.00 Gift Certificate to Fumee

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Contest: Win a $30.00 Gift Certificate to Fumee

While the month of May has come to a close, we have the month of June upon us for yet another contest. This time around the prize is a $30.00 Gift Certificate to Fumee World.

In addition to the prize, Fumee has extended a 20% discount for all Stogie Review readers which runs until the end of June. Simply enter SR2008 upon checkout and enjoy the savings.

If your not familiar with Fumee, you may remember Heather’s multiple guest spots on Dog Watch Cigar Radio as well as her No on Prop 86 Campaign in California. Back in October we informed everyone of the Fumee Grand Opening and since then Heather and partner Ralph have been working hard to expand the business.

To enter this months contest all you have to do is leave a comment on this article telling us your three favorite everyday cigars. I’d love to know what everyone enjoys on a semi regular basis, so please post away.

A winner will be selected at random and announced in early July. Participants must reside in the Continental US. One entry per person

Good luck and happy smoking.

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103 thoughts on “Contest: Win a $30.00 Gift Certificate to Fumee

  1. Breakfast – A. Turrent 2000
    Lunch – Partagas original, spanish rosado, black
    Diner – Fonseca Cubano Limitado

  2. In chronological order:

    Perdomo Reserve Champagne Petit Corona
    Cabaiguan Belicoso Fino
    Tatuaje Regios

  3. I don’t have everyday cigars yet, but my favorites:

    Oliva Serie G Maduro Torpedo
    Partagas Black
    Rocky Patel Sungrown

  4. Carlos Torano Exodus Silver
    Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro
    Rocky Patel Reo (20 pack mazo on CI, best deal ever)

  5. Pirates Gold / 5 Vegas A / LVH Early Years are my go to cheap every day cigars.

    CAO Brazilla / Ashton Maddie / Drew Estate Ligo P. #9 are my favs.

  6. Oliva Serie G Torpedo – Cameroon
    LGC (Miami) Glorias Extra – Maduro
    Don Pepin Cuban Classic Robusto

  7. Not trying to enter twice, but the though occurred to me: I’d like to see another one of these “What’s your favorite every day cigar” surveys where replies were limited to cigars you’ve smoked at least 100 sticks, for at least a year, and cost < $3/stick. Now we’re talking your solid, dependable, everyday cigar.

  8. Perdomo Reserve Maduro Robusto
    Chateau Fuente
    DPG Vegas Cubana Corona

    These would be my “every day” faves, not necessarily my overall favorites.

  9. Omar Ortez natural torpedos, Padron 4000, Oliva Serie V robusto
    Very tough choices, but for me these are the best in value, quality and flavor! You could toss a coin though, there are so many brands out there.

  10. Tatuaje Havana VI West Side No. 1
    Punch Rare Corojo Magnum
    Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Sixty

    The Punch and RP are more of my go to sticks. Can get them pretty resonsible on CBid.

  11. Gran Habano #1 Rothschild or Robusto
    Gispert maduro Churchill
    New Orleans Cigar Factory Vieux Carre Cafe (6×46)

    These aren’t my favorite premiums, mind you, just my favorite everyday smokes.

  12. 5 Vegas “A” Series Archetype
    El Rey Del Mundo Oscuro Robusto
    Rocky Patel Sun Grown

    All three I chose come out to 3 dollars or less a stick, which I can afford a day to day basis.

  13. Tatuaje Series P – P1 or P2

    Padron – 3000 Maduro

    Oliva serie G – Special G (used to be Astral small perfecto Maduro)

    Just to add Current favorite cigar:

    Don Pepin Garcia JJ White Belicoso

    I will smoke at least one of these three cigars daily usually with my morning coffee. I rotate the Tatuaje with the Padron and when I have less time I go for the Special G. It used to be those astral short perfectos in maduro, I loved those things esp. the price, since they have gone I upgraded to the Oliva. So far it is the cheapest maduro small perfecto on the market right now.

    If anyone knows where to get the Astral’s still or have a recommendation on another short Perfecto. (doesn’t have to be maduro but its a preference) I would love to hear it. thanks.

  14. La Aroma De Cuba
    Entire Oliva Line, Especially Serie O and V
    Anything Pepin Garcia ex. Red 601, San Cristobal

  15. Holt’s Connoisseur Robusto (Very reasonably priced Pepin blend)
    AF Hemmingway Best Seller
    Whatever cigar I just clipped–a gigantic Coronado by LFD since I have the time this fine, fine evening.

  16. My 3 fave everyday cigars: partagas black classico, rocky patel vintage 1990, rocky patel vengeance torpedo.

  17. Oliva Serie G Maduro
    CAO Black
    Cienfuegos pyramid or no. 7

    the oliva and cienfuegos can be boughten for under $3 a stick on cigarbid. I usually end up paying $1.50 for the cienfuegos. great cigar and very cheap price

  18. This contest is now closed. Thanks to all that have entered and keep an eye out on the front page for the announcement of the winner.


  19. I just had a La Aurora 1495 Corona. one of the best Cigars ever. Whit some Jameson……tel good pier

  20. I just smoked a La Riqueza and loved it. It my new favorite smoke. Pete did it again with a smoke I think has the perfect balance. Now if I could just find more of them.

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