Birth of a Rolling Table: Part 3

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Birth of a Rolling Table: Part 3

This is th conclusion of the Birth of a Rolling Table Series, which includes
Part 1 and Part 2

Sam Leccia Rolling Table - 2 - IMage 65As my father and I neared completion of the latest Rolling Table, we had to decide on how to present it to Sam. We anticipated that the table would be completed by May 1, which coincidentally was the day of our local launch event at Kensington Tobacconist.

A few hours before the event was set to get underway, my father and I arrived and setup the completed table in the members only lounge on the second floor. Once setup (which took just a couple of minutes) we relaxed and fired up a cigar. As time passed and our nerves wore thin, we found out that Sam was running a little late.

We headed back downstairs to hang out with the shop owner, Kurt, and had a few laughs while the local Oliva sales rep began setting up for the event.

When Sam finally arrived we stayed downstairs for a while and talked about the previous events and how he was looking forward to getting the chance to relax and do a dinner event. After a few more minutes passed we all headed upstairs once again so that Sam could get a look at where he was going to setup and work before and after the dinner.

At this point Sam was still under the impression that the table we had for him today was the same table as before, with a few changes. We got up the stairs and made our way to the table when Sam finally realized that the table in the middle of the room was his brand new table.

The reaction we got out of Sam made all of the hard work worth it. With wide eyes and his jaw on the floor, Sam continuously muttered “you’ve got to be kidding me” and “this is amazing” over and over again.

Sam Leccia Rolling Table 2 - Image 64Once Sam got himself together again, we explained to him why the table was over the top. With his positive reaction to the old table and his comment of “this thing is like a piece of furniture” we wanted to show him what a real piece of furniture was.

Once it was time to get the event underway, Sam very carefully setup and got to rolling cigars. The first Nub was given to me and the second was given to my father. Just before we left the event to have dinner my father placed his Nub Habano on the table for its very first Nub Stand.

The remainder of the event was fantastic. We had an excellent dinner at the restaurant across the street then returned for lots of laughs, a few drinks, and some great cigars.

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7 thoughts on “Birth of a Rolling Table: Part 3

  1. Little Bud – Awesome story man. I saw your table in person and its a beauty! I also like how you and your dad signed the bottom. Its only a matter of time before someone else wants you to make them one. Very cool!

  2. OMG! (picking my jaw up off the floor) You and your dad are amazing artisans! That is one impressive piece of furniture that looks too good to use. Congrats to you both.

  3. Walt,

    Great story and the rolling table is a true work of art! I would love to get one but only one problem, I don’t know how to roll a cigar (LOL).


  4. Walt, all I can say is that when seeing that table up-close last week @ the Charlotte NUB event, that I was totally blown away! Superb craftsmanship and Webmeister (Mike) and I heard Sam say over and over, how much he was “loving” that table! I wouldn’t doubt it if you get some more orders for similar such tables going forward! Great stuff, great stuff! 😀


  5. Yup, that’s the table I saw on the Nub website. Awesome. Hopefully Sam stops by Ed’s for an event (I keep bugging Ed to call him).

  6. I wonder – does Sam Leccia bring this table with him to his other cigar events, especially when he intends to roll a few? I met Sam last year at an event in the Chicago area, and I seem to remember that he had a rolling table that look very much like this.

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