Contest: Month of August 2008

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Contest: Month of August 2008

For the month of August we will be running a pretty simple contest
The grand prize is a small desktop humidor filled with cigars.
Courtesy of Matt from our very own Fan Forums

This month we have made the entering process a little more involved than last months contest. This time around we are asking that you fill out a quick survey to help us make Stogie Review a better place for everyone. The survey should only take a minute or so to complete and consists of ten simple questions.

The humidor and cigars are a collection of sticks set aside from Matt while he did some spring cleaning. Many of the cigars are bargain sticks, and some are not so bargain. I’ll do my best to try and put a variety inside the humidor. The final count of cigars will be determined by what fits inside the humidor at the time of packing.

In addition, a second and third package will also be given away. These will consist of 5-10 cigars and will not include a humidor.

A grand prize winner will be selected at random, as will the second and third prize winners. This survey will help to make Stogie Review a better place, so please take a moment and fill out the survey even if you are not interested in winning some cigars. We would also appreciate you passing along the survey to your cigar smoking friends and family.

To check out the cigars and humidor, take a look at a video I did back in March after receiving the three packages from Matt.

Click Here to take our survey

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15 thoughts on “Contest: Month of August 2008

  1. Walt,
    Question 1 in part 2 would only let me check mark one circle for the whole section instead of 1 for each subquestion.

  2. Sorry about that, I thought I was only allowing one answer per question and it seems that it was one answer per column.

    All fixed
    Again sorry for that.


  3. Nice survey, easy to do, quick, although I’m not terribly useful. I hit this site all the time. Love the articles, cigar news, reviews, video’s and write ups. Maybe I could recommend you guys have Jerry smoke some really lousy cigars that flake a lot and he must smoke them in his shorts hahahahah.

  4. Guys,
    We are coming up on 100 entries by the end of the first night which is fantastic. I just wanted to let you all know, those of you that have filled out the survey so far are awesome!

    The extra info added to the optional fields has been great. Lots of excellent suggestions and ideas. We will be working hard to incorporate several of the ones listed so far.

    Again, you guys are great. Keep the responses coming!

  5. Mitch,
    The general information provided in regards to the site will be used solely by Stogie Review, to make the site a better place for everyone.

    The email address provided at the end will only be used to select a winner for the contest. It will not be shared with anyone.

    I’ve always hated spam and other forms of unwanted email, so if you ever provide your email address to Stogie Review, rest assured that we would treat it just as we would our own.


  6. Sin,
    I guess you get what you pay for. The survey is free and apparently due to that there are a bunch of limitations. Maximum number of responses is 101.

    I’ve upgraded the account so all should be working once again.


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