A quick one on one with Christian Eiroa of Camacho Cigars

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A quick one on one with Christian Eiroa of Camacho Cigars

Christian Eiroa of Camacho CigarsLately I have been talking a bit about my recent trip to the Cigars International Superstore to record the Seminar with Christian Eiroa of Camacho Cigars. After the seminar I was able to sit down with Christian and kind of talk shop for a couple of minutes.

While I thought it would be great to sit down with Christian on camera, I just didn’t think it would be possible with his seminar schedule so I never gave discussion topics a single thought. To my surprise Christian had a few minutes he was willing to give me and was a pleasure to talk to.

Please bear with the audio at times, While the shotgun mic was setup and running I had a tendency to talk toward Christian and not the camera, so a question or two might be a little difficult to hear.

During our discussion Christian spoke about his the Cigar Misconception that he dislikes the most, as well as a new cigar that is on the horizon for Camacho.

If you had the opportunity to sit down with Christian,
what would you have wanted to know?

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10 thoughts on “A quick one on one with Christian Eiroa of Camacho Cigars

  1. Very cool Walt. Wasn’t it Christian who said something about having people pay their way to his factory and he’d put them up and show them around? I’ve watched/read so much Stogie news lately I may be confused, but if I remember correctly, he seems like the kind of guy I could really hang around with for a long weekend and have a great time.

    A question I’d have asked: How often does he get to sit back and enjoy the fruits of his labors, and assuming that they are much less frequent that we all get, how special are those times?

  2. That dude is cool…Being the head of a company, an still making time for the little guys….I hadn’t had any camachos before these videos… now I its one of my favs…

    oh…you’re ok too walt….

    great video…To me this is the most interesting video…picking the brain of geniuses….fantastic!

  3. What in the world was the ruckus in the background?Christian seemed to be visibly miffed about the noise.

    Nice interview.

  4. MSUTbone,
    During the interview one of Christians sales guy walked up with a box of cigars in hand and started talking to him. The sales guy didn’t realize there was a camera running, apologized and took a few steps away.

    After stepping away he began to unwrap a box of cigars which had a stiff sort of cellophane on them. Every tug and crinkle of the cellophane was making a loud noise and was practicably right beside Christian as he was trying to talk.

    The sales guy didn’t realize he was making so much noise until he caught Christian giving him the evil eye… lol

    After the interview we all had a laugh over it.

    I’m glad you guys enjoyed the interview. Like I mentioned in the text, I didn’t have anything planned as far as questions went, so I was worried it would come out to jumbled.


  5. Well you could tell Christian was a true professional. He seemed very relaxed to share his time and happy to give insight on your questions.

    As others mentioned, the relaxed but in control tone he had shows he is one smart customer.

    I still haven’t tried his brand, but it is on the top of my list now.

  6. Walt – Thanks for posting this!

    As for the inturruption, now you get an idea of what Ed and I go through during EVERY review. It’s always an innocent person who doesn’t realize you are filming, and they always apologize. Of course we have no ill feelings about those things. It’s part of being in a public place.

    Anyhow, props to Camacho, who even posted a link to the SR review of the 10th Anniversary (which Ed and I gave a bad review). The Camacho guys really impress me lately and take the good and bad reviews in stride.

  7. Thanks for the interview Walt,

    I’ve been a fan of Camachos for a long time and there’s hardly anything they make I don’t like (well, the 1962 😀 ). It’s great to see they’re headed by such a cool guy too. I was gifted a CLE and have been dying to try it, though now that he said the blend was 90% complete I want to wait and compare it to the production smoke. Thanks again.

  8. Going to have to agree with Ratters. Not a huge fan of the 1962. It’s a good cigar, but it pales to the others Camacho makes 🙂 But then again, the 1962 is cheaper so there you go heheh.

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