Dog Watch Cigar Radio – LIVE

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Dog Watch Cigar Radio – LIVE

Do you ever find yourself bored on a Friday night and looking for something Cigar Related to occupy your time? If so, Bob and Dale of Dog Watch Cigar Radio have got you covered. Bob has recently began streaming live video of him doing the show on Stickam.

In addition to the video, the stream has been setup to enable chat with friends of the show. All you have to do is fire off a friend request to cigar_radio. Once Bob accepts the request you will be able to join the chat room and goof off with those of us with nothing better to do.

The addition of a video stream has done a lot for the show, at least in my opinion. It finally ads a friendly face to the show and lets you in on the production breaks that I have been so fond of when sitting in on the show.

Dog Watch Cigar Radio - LIVE

If you find yourself free on Friday night at 9:00 PM EST
head over to the Show Page and join in on the fun.
The show generally runs until about 11:00 PM EST.

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