What goes on during a blind tasting?

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What goes on during a blind tasting?

Have you ever picked up a copy of a popular cigar magazine and wondered what it would be like to be a fly on the wall at their blind tasting? On many occasions I have read the blind reviews and wondered if they went about the review in the same way that I did.

Do these guys talk to themselves and second guess the flavors they are picking out of the smoke like I do? Does their instinct to reach for a pad and paper kick in when smoking a new cigar like mine does?

What if the person doing the review was just your average Joe and was given a cigar without a band on it to smoke, how would they react and rate the cigar? The bottom line is most people don’t over analyze a cigar like some of us do. While we enjoy smoking a cigar in this way, we are in the minority. The bread and butter, or meat and potatoes of the industry is made of your average guy sitting down for a smoke in the company of friends.

Knowing that these blind reviews are mainly made up of your average Joe enjoying a smoke, would you still want to be a fly on the wall of their tasting?

If your shaking your head yes, check back tomorrow for the first edition of
The Stogie Review Blind Tasting.

Stogie Review Blind Tasting - 001 - 01

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2 thoughts on “What goes on during a blind tasting?

  1. This is gonna be a must see for all. I seen the CA blind rating method video and was wondering what other methods might be used for rating cigars. Does smoking them with friends as opposed to strangers play a factor in scoring/rating ? interesting indeed. C ya tomorrow.

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